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Beauty hacks: 5 awesome beauty uses for Johnson’s Baby Oil that you didn’t even know of


I’ve been singing it’s praises for a while now – but Johnson’s Baby Oil really needs more time in the spotlight.

It’s not just for soft-bottomed bubs – it can be used in a plethora of wonderful ways – all of which will make you look glossy and hydrated with super soft skin, and even hair!

Here are 5 uses you might not know of yet – all for under roughly $5! Enjoy!

Use it as a cheekbone highlight

baby oil on cheekbones

Did you know a cheekbone highlight doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of a pressed shimmery powder? We all know how amazing these make our cheekbones look, but the same illusion can be created with a little bit of well placed oil.

Simply take the smallest dot and dab it onto the highest points of the cheek and up to the temples for a stunning light-reflective and dewy finish.

Tame split-ends instantly

glossy hair

There’s nothing worse than going to the effort to blowdrying or straightening your hair to then look down and catch sight of crispy, distressed split-ends.

Of course the best fix for this is a visit to your local salon for a trim, but a genius quick fix to to apply the smallest amount of oil to your ends. I like to warm it between my palms before raking it through the last few centimeters of my strands for a polished finish.

Soften rough cuticles before bed

healthy nails and cuticles

The best time to treat rough, sore and dry cuticles to some TLC is before you hit the hay. Take a tiny amount of oil and massage it all over the cuticle pressing down and up towards the length of the nail (to encourage growth and to also avoid pulling the cuticles in the wrong direction causing further pain).

There’s a reason why this is the best time to apply a cuticle treatment. Applying oils around the nail before your mani will actually cause your nail polish to not adhere and set properly meaning your nail polish will start to chip away sooner than it should.

Shine up your shins like a Victoria’s Secret model

Nothing screams sex like super hydrated, shiny pins. Recreate the Victoria’s Secret look by first removing all hair. Once you are fuzz-free, run some oil down your shins and even your thighs and massage in.

By applying oil here, not only will you keep your skin hydrated and soft, but light will catch only the front of your pins creating the illusion of long, lean legs.

I bet you’re questioning why you haven’t done this before!

Use it as a binding agent for DIY scrubs

diy body scrub with baby oil

Lastly, another amazing use for Johnson’s Baby Oil is to use it as a binding agent to bring together any kind of body scrub.

Make your own sugar, coffee or sand scrub at home by combining 1 cup of oil to 1 cup of exfoliant as well as a few drops of your favourite essential body oil and even a few crushed rose petals! It’s that easy!

Have you used baby oil in any of the above ways before? Do you know any other tricks? Let me know below!

SS x