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BIG NEWS! Sephora Is Officially Launching An Australian Online Store November 2nd – Hello Beauty Shopping In Your PJ’s At 2am!

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I can honestly say I am ecstatic to tell you that Sephora, possibly my favourite beauty hotspot, is launching an online store in Australia on November 2nd. That’s only 4 freaking days away!

Let me explain why this is so exciting before I hyperventilate!

tarte lipstick

  1. You can shop brands like It Cosmetics, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Tarte, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Cover FX, Makeup Forever and many, many, many more in your pj’s any time you feel like. No opening hours needed. You can shop for lipgloss at 2am if you feel so inclined.
  2. No need to trek to Sydney (to shop at Sephora Pitt Street Mall or go to Macquarie Shopping Centre) if you live interstate just to purchase said products.
  3. I can now link to all of my favourite Sephora brands online for you to shop cheap viagra instantly! I totally get how much of a bummer it is when I write a review on a knock out product (let’s not kid ourselves, most of the products at Sephora are) and then for me to not accompany the piece with a link to buy is kind of annoying – especially when you’ve got that shopping buzz.
  4. If you are ever unsure of a products price, you no longer have to call the store to ask, you can just check online to feed your own curiosity!

There’s just so many reasons to get excited about Sephora’s Aussie online store. So many exclusive beauty brands, and so little time.

Mark it in your diaries beauty babes, Sephora’s Aussie online site will be live November 2nd! Ekk!

SS x