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Do fake tan removal wipes even work? I test ModelCo’s Exfoliating Fake Tan Removal Wipes – here are my findings!

fake tan removal wipes

Why use fake tan removal wipes?

Okay, so it’s pretty obvious why you would use fake tan removal wipes (to remove fake tan lol), but many of us have survived without them, even through serious stints of fake tan application over the years.

So why are they needed in your beauty kit now?

Firstly they are great if:

  1. An area of your body (say your knees or elbows) has over-developed. You can take one of these wipes and gently buff away at the area to minimise the darkness so it matches the rest of your body.
  2. They are great at cleaning off orange fake tan palms – such a common beauty mistake.
  3. If your tan starts to fade unevenly and you need to remove any orange patchiness still lingering before your next fresh coat, you can take a wipe to remove the left over pigment.

How many wipes do you get in the ModelCo Exfoliate & Remove Pack?

This pack contains 20 wipes at $13. That basically works out to be 65c a wipe, so it’s important to use them properly (see below) to make the most of each towelette.

modelco exfoliate and remove fake tan wipes

Shop it: ModelCo Exfoliate & Remove Double-Sides Body Wipes, $13

How many wipes would you need to remove fake tan from your whole body?

This is a good question. I only use these wipes to remove any lingering fake tan that hasn’t faded properly from my limbs before layering on a fresh coat.

When I do this, I only need maybe 5 wipes to remove all patchiness. The wipes are double-sided, so essentially they can be used twice.

However, answering your question about removing fake tan from an entire body. I’ve never actually fake tanned my bod, and then decided to remove it the next day.

I don’t think these wipes would be that effective at removing a whole body of freshly-coated fake tan for a few reasons:

  1. You would need a few packs to do your entire body making it quite expensive!
  2. It would really irritate your skin to exfoliate and buff away that hard at your whole body after freshly fake tanning your skin.

What do they smell like? Is it offensive?

They don’t really have a smell at all!

What is the texture of the wipes like and how can I get the most out of one?

Each wipe is thick and coated in the key ingredients to remove stubborn fake tan. Some of the ingredients include: lactic acid, cetearyl alcohol and phenoxyethanol.

The wipe has two sides. One for gently exfoliating, the second for self tan removal. In a nut shell, one side of the wipe has a textured bumpy surface which will polish and buff away at your skin picking up fake tan build-up, while the other side is smooth (like a face wipe) and can be used to moisten the skin with the ingredients to dissolve the fake tan.

How effective are they really?

I’ve been using these throughout summer to fix over-developed toes, knees, elbows and even the sides of my hands. I find them excellent at removing stubborn tan from these areas.

As mentioned above, I wouldn’t use these to remove tan from my entire body, however if you whole body has over-developed these might help to lessen your darkness, not remove the pigment altogether.

Would I personally use fake tan removal wipes again?

Yes! They are an amazing quick fix! I recommend having a pack in your bathroom for any DIY fake tan disasters. It’s always good to have a beauty emergency plan in place!

Have you used fake tan wipes before? What are your fake tan removal strategies? 

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