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How To: Avoid Orange Palms When Fake Tanning And How To Fix Them In An Emergency

how to avoid fake tan hands

We’ve all experienced this scenario: you’re going to a last minute party and have to quickly apply an express fake tan at home.

You spend the remainder of your day (or night) walking around the house doing a sticky crab-dance. It’s only until after you’ve hopped in the shower to wash off the residue, that you look down at your palms and see how orange they are!

You’ve just realised you’ve forgotten to wash off the excess product from your blasted hands before you let your tan develop – now they look like you’ve been stuffing them into a giant bag of Cheetos.

Here’s how to avoid orange palms, as well as how to correct them if you suffer from this annoying beauty faux pas from time-to-time.

How to avoid orange palms when fake tanning

Use a fake tan mitt – duh

Fake tan mitts not only help you apply a coat of fake tan evenly and streak-free, but the mitt stops your hands from making contact with the foam, meaning they won’t turn orange. If you don’t have a fake tan mitt, get one STAT!


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Coat your palms in moisturiser before applying tan

If you want to extra safeguard your palms from fake tan, first rub some moisturiser between your hands and leave for 5 minutes. The skin on your palms will absorb the moisturiser stoping any orange pigment from penetrating.

Use a makeup wipe to remove any product from your hands

If you happen to get fake tan on your palms, remove it instantly with a makeup wipe. This only works before the tan starts to develop.

I normally do this after I’ve coated my entire body and tanned the top of my hands. I take a disposable wipe and rub both of my palms over it before throwing away. It means the tops of my hands will still be brown but my palms clean.


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Wear a tracksuit or fake tan dress

After you’ve dried your tan off (I use the cold setting on my hair dryer), wear either long pants or a maxi fake tan dress.

This is because when your limbs are exposed, there is more chance you might rub your palms over the surface, and in doing so take on some excess pigment which will give you that orange finish on your palms.

little tanning dress ellie

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How to quickly fix orange palms once the damage is done

Fake tan remover

If the damage is already done, and you are reading this blog while you have orange hands, take a fake tan remover wipe and buff away at your hands to quickly clean them up.


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If you are in an emergency and don’t have time to hit the shops for wipes

This isn’t recommended, because it’s a harsh measure, but take a tablespoon of Napisan (or similar) and emulsify with a small amount of water, creating a paste, and massage in your hands. You will find it strips the colour (and all moisture to be honest!) leaving you with white palms.

This isn’t a skin-friendly option, but it definitely works!

Have you ever suffered from orange palms below? How did you fix it? Let me know below!

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