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How To: Give Yourself a Profesh At-Home Foot Spa

Feet. They’re rather disgusting aren’t they? Or, if you’re my two-year-old nephew, you’d just point and say “S’gusting!”

I put down podophobia (the fear of feet) to how individual they are. Two pairs of feet rarely look the same, and even the most normal looking are sometimes sprinkled with common “uglies” like scaly heels, odd looking bumps on the toes from excessive stiletto wear, and even bunions.

Due to all the gross reasons above, this might be a huge reason why some of us don’t like to go to a salon and have a professional foot scrub. Why would you want to inflict the ghastly sight of your feet upon a fellow human being?

If any of the above sounds like you, here’s how to treat yourself to a foot scrub, at home, that comes with all the perks of having one given to you professionally – minus any mid-winter embarrassment like furry legs or chipped nail polish. Ick.

1. Find yourself a large basin. Plastic or stainless steel metal will do. A nice rustic looking kind that hardly ages are these (see below), which you can find at any large department store or supermarket:

2. Fill with your desired temperature of water. I like mine pretty hot – I can feel the tension of a hard days work literally escape from the balls of my feet. Fill three quarters of the bowl (you don’t want overflow once you place your feet in!)

3. I’m currently loving Aveeno’s Daily Moisturising Body Wash because it’s soap-free (great for anyone who suffers from eczema or from dry skin), and it contains natural colloidal oatmeal and a unique blend of natural oils that cleanse and moisturise ($9.95).

Squirt in a generous amount, this will create a nice milky texture in the water.

4. I love a little bit of grit in my water thanks to exfoliating granules. Mix in a squeeze of Jurlique’s Body Exfoliating Gel which is rich in herbal antioxidants and contains gentle walnut order viagra from certified pharmacy shell to help lift away dead skin cells. What normally happens when adding this to your mixture is the granules sink to the bottom of your basin. You can then massage the balls of your feet on them to buff any dry spots! Genius really. ($47.95)

5. Lastly, before I even place my sore feet into the basin, I tap a few drops of Aurora Spa Ritual’s in. The unique blend of replenishing and balancing pure essential oils, including rose geranium and clary sage helps to not only refresh the mind, put also allows a great soothing and moistening oil to be added to the above mix. ($20)

6. Place your feet in, but be careful to test the heat first!

7. After you have enjoyed the initial soak period (about ten minutes at least) place a towel over the opposite knee of the foot you are going to work on. Once your foot is resting on your towel take Dr Foot Refreshing Foot Scrub by Bomb Cosmetics.

The scrub contains shea butter and sunflower oil as well as black pepper and lemongrass essential oils which all help to buff away at unsightly feet. I recommend taking a small scoop of the buttery formulation and massaging it onto all the planes of the feet firmly. Not only are you removing dead skin cells, you’re giving yourself a much needed massage. ($21.95)

8. Place foot back into bath, and repeat on opposite foot.

9. After soaking for another five minutes or so, dry down feet with a clean towel. Grab The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray and spitz over their entirety. The peppermint helps to refresh hot, tired feet and makes them feel instantly fresh. ($14.95)

10. You’re all done. Take a pair of clean cotton socks and praise the day you learnt how to give yourself a professional at-home foot spa, with no embarrassment required!

Have you ever given yourself an at-home foot spa? What products do you use?

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