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Review: Vanessa Megan’s Luxurious Love Scrub filled with essential oils and organic rose petals


Hi beauty cadets!

Body scrubs, as we all known, are pretty big business in the wellness and beauty space right now.

It’s as if all of a sudden everyone has realised the benefits of scrubbing away dead skin cells and detoxifying their lymphatic system.

Of course, dry body brushing can do all of the above, but with a range of fun and heavenly scented body scrubs now on the market, why would you make a chore of exfoliating when it can be turned into a well deserved ‘you time’?

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This week I trialled the absolutely heavenly Vanessa Megan Love Scrub ($34.95 f0r 250ml) – and if that doesn’t sound romantic enough, wait until you hear what ingredients are included!


Vanessa Megan is a natural and organic skincare company based in Sydney, Australia. Founded by Vanessa Gray, her products are not only safe and good for our skin but also luxurious and enjoyable to use – can I just say, her candles are beyond beautiful as well.

When I first opened up the glossy Love Scrub packet that’s 100% natural I was instantly enveloped in the breathtaking scent of roses and a delicious pink musky candy smell.


I quickly turned over the packet to read what ingredients could possibly make this scrub smell so nice, and so much better then many of the other exfoliators I’d used in the past (and believe me, there’s been a lot!).

Grape seed, coconut, mandarin, lavender, patchouli and rosemary were the key essential oils fused together to create the perfume bomb that filled my bathroom.

The scrubs main exfoliating agents are epsom and sea salt, which offer enough grit to slough away all rough areas of your skin.

Pretty pink and red rose petals that are 100% certified organic are also in the mix and also help in the scrubbing process as they add an interesting texture.


I was a little worried about the tidying up I’d have to do after my full body scrub, but once the petals were completely saturated in water, they went down the bath drain with no problem at all.

Another key essential oil that is added is Peru Balsam. This oil is derived from a tree called Myroxylon that is found in Central and South America. The oil that comes from the trunk of the true has a distinct cinnamon/vanilla scent (big plus!) but it highly sort after due to its healing properties (it can help tuberculosis and skin infections).


Because I gave myself a whole body scrub in an empty bath, I used about half the packet. However, if you decide to only stick to one body part (example: legs) you could probably get about 4 uses out of the one packet.

Upon leaving the shower and for days after my body has felt super soft and very loved. I do suffer from the occasion eczema outbreaks and dry skin, so I found that my skin felt more hydrated and smooth. On the first night after giving myself the scrub I wafted around my apartment with the most pretty rose-scent perfume.

I really recommend this scrub to anyone who needs a little TLC – you will thank yourself for the mind-body-soul experience.

*Vanessa Megan is offering a promotion currently where if you spend over $50 AUD you will receive a free Love Scrub. I recommend one of her gorgeous candles or luxe hand washes. Make sure to place your order in by the end of February.

SS x