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The Cheapest Beauty Product That Will Give You Silky Smooth Limbs In A Flash For Under $5


Jessica Alba’s ridiculously smooth legs!

Over the past two weeks I’ve been trying to make sure my limbs look as smooth, glowy and dewy as possible because it’s now spring (hello shorter hemlines!).

There are many ways to achieve an enviably smooth body – but I think I’ve found the cheapest way that works extremely well and takes no effort at all.

One way to smooth skin is to exfoliate by using a scrub in the shower or even dry body brushing to smooth out the skin on your pins (all effective at sloughing off dead skin cells).

You can also shave which obviously helps to de-fuzz and make your legs look a lot smoother as well. But I’ve found a way to make my limbs look a lot nicer (and glossy even!) that has nothing to do with removing skin, but intensely moisturising it.

My secret involves applying a product all over my body (except face) and jumping straight into a fluffy robe at night while my skin is still damp. I literally find by the next morning, my limbs are ridiculously silky smooth to touch.

You’ll be shocked that this ‘mystery’ product isn’t one that’s super expensive, it’s not a luxurious item you’ll parade on your bathroom vanity along with your La Mer Cream. It’s actually something you can find in any standard supermarket, anywhere in the world, despite if you live in the city or in a small rural town.

Pause for breath.

I’m talking about smothering yourself in good old fashioned baby oil!



Shop: Johnson’s Baby Oil, 200ml – $4.55

Okay, hear me out. Baby oil isn’t just for babies, toddles or small children. By applying this oil all over your body your skin will soak in all of those beautiful, rich, hydrating oils (designed to nourish the most delicate skin for newborns) and your legs and arms will look glowy for days. Baby oil is made from mineral oil and can lock in up to ten times more moisture on wet skin than ordinary lotion can on dry skin. Whoa.

LR-legsI’ve been applying some every night after I have a warm shower. I take a really large amount of the oil and message it into my legs, arms and torso while my body is still damp, then I put my robe on and get into bed. It doesn’t leave my linen too oily and it doesn’t make me feel slippery and gross – the next morning I just wake up and feel very very smooth (and smell like a bubba!).

Baby oil costs under $5 and you get a massive 200ml bottle so even if you are going through it quickly (the way I do) you’re not breaking the bank.

I honestly think using baby oil on your limbs is one of the best things you can do now that it’s spring. You’ll be wearing dresses again, you’re going to be showing off your legs and your arms, and it’s a really good way to feel confident on a budget without spending too much money. Add to your grocery shopping list immediately!

Let me know if you’ve used baby oil before for this purpose. Also tell me if you give this a whirl and love the results!

SS x