15 Moments Every Girl Has Had With Their Hair (In Gifs!)

That boring waiting period while styling your hair with a curling wand


The initial shock after seeing a brand new hair cut… and then absolutely loving it!


The awkwardness of a hair flick fail. Or, when your hair gets stuck in your lip gloss


Memories of when your mum used to style your hair before school. Ouch!


Giving yourself an in-shower hair treatment. Gotta love a girls night!


When your hair colourist doesn’t listen to you and you end up with a colour completely different from what you wanted!


When you’re parents try stop you from wearing a crazy hairstyle

 That feeling you get on a good hair day


How we think we look like with flicked out bouncy curls


 That sucky feeling when you know you’re having a bad hair day, but you can’t do anything about it


The smugness you feel when showing off enviabale newly coloured locks


Feeling your hair after a nourishing hair treatment. Take in the softness!


Every day after you come home from work. Heels and bra come off and hair is let down. #bestfeelingintheworld


When you look in the mirror and realise you need a hair cut stat!


How we look when we fix our hair in public bathrooms


 SS x

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