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2014 Emmy Awards: Heidi Klum Wavy Hair Thanks To Dario Cotroneo

Heidi Klum 2014 emmy awards hair

Effortless waves that add body and texture to your hair never go out of style – exactly what Heidi Klum proved at the 2014 Emmy Awards.

Follow this cheat sheet to get her look with Dario Cotroneo of DARIO Salon.

How to get Heidi Klum’s Emmys hair:

Step 1: After washing, work a volumising mousse through your hair, focusing on your roots.  Blow-dry hair with a round-brush to ensure that all strands are smooth. (Sarah’s Pick: Tony & Guy Prep Mousse Volumising Plump.)

Step 2: Separate hair into two sections: a top layer and bottom layer. Pin or tie up the top layer of hair so you can style the bottom layer freely.

Step 3: Using MYCURL, roll a section of hair into the clip until you hit the middle of your ear, and fasten.

Step 4: Hold a hair straightener over the clip for around 10 seconds to activate heat.

Step 5: Repeat steps 4 and 5 on all sections of hair.

Step 6: Once all clips are heated, remove hair and gently run your fingers through the strands to loosen the curls. Spray lightly with hairspray for extra hold. 

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