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3 Professional Volume Boosting Hair Products That Create Big Sexy Hair

So you want your hair to look SO big that it never sits flat against your face ever again? Of course you do – all girls do!

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The trick to making any hair look big and glamour is to eradicate oil that’s coating your hair shafts. Built up grease makes hair heavy, hence weighing it down.

This is why your best defence against flat hair are products that eliminate oil (like dry shampoos).

Once your scalp is ridded of oil, then you can consider adding texturising products to add even more height.

There really isn’t much point massaging in handfuls of volumising powder to a dirty scalp. The only thing that will happen is the oil will slurp up the dry powders, with not much lift happening at all.

In this post I’ll explain three professional salon quality haircare products that really do work to help create sexy voluminous hair. I’ll also detail in what order you should use them and where you can buy them yourself!

Sebastian Professional Drynamic


Sebastian Professional Drynamic is your first port of call when looking to fix oily hair that needs to be perked back up. This sleek can contains the formula, of what I consider to be, the next wave of dry shampoo to be.

Dry shampoos shouldn’t just spray white powder into your roots to soak up oil. It should work harder, like this one does! Drynamic ALSO adds texture to your lengths when spraying it through your tresses, so that when you do blow dry your hair, your whole head instantly looks fresher, healthier and plump – not just the roots!

Drynamic also comes out clear (another huge perk) and drys quickly. It’s $34 for 150g and can be purchased easily from so many salons in Australia. Click here for a store locator.

Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder


This one, ladies, is for the brunettes (if you are blonde, please skip down to the next step)! If you are a dark haired dame, you’d know how frustrating it is to brush out white dry shampoo, or at least try to conceal it.

Never fear, a powdery scalp will no longer haunt you. Swedish beauty brand Sachajuan is now available in Australia, and their highly coveted hair products cover all bases.

The focus product today is their Dark Volume Powder. When sprayed, the powder comes out a deep chocolate brown, and in a gas-like consistency. This is my Holy Grail hair go-to on a busy morning when I need my locks to look fresh and not ghostly white.

This 200ml can can be purchased for $40 from Sachajuan’s Australian website.

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Wax Dust

OSiS+ Wax Dust

Now that your hair is oil-free (yay!) it’s time to plump up the jam by sprinkling a little bit of Schwarzkopf’s Osis+ Wax Dust.

I was so amazed when I trialled this product because the powder literally transforms from powder to a creamy hair wax in seconds.

I recommend sectioning your hair into manageable pieces around the crown of your head and sprinkling and buffing in the wax separately as you go. You don’t want to become overwhelmed with too much wax in your roots, and forget where you have placed it.

Here’s a video of the powder/wax so you know that I’m not telling any tall tales! It truly is incredible:

Schwarzkopf’s Osis+ Wax Dust can be picked up from quality hair salons and online here for around $28.

And that’s it gorgeous girls. Enjoy strutting around with large luscious locks!

SS x