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greasy-hair-oily-hair-278978_w1000So you’re sitting at home minding your own business (i.e watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and trying out some new nail art in your slothiest tracksuit) when a message comes in from your friends. They want you to head out with them, apparently if you stay home you’re going to miss out on ‘the best night ever!’.

You get off the couch and look in the mirror to see that your hair is oily, and you don’t have a spare two hours to wash, blow-dry and style it.

Do you stay home and miss out on TBNE (the best night ever) or do you pull a bunny out of a hat and leave your house looking immaculate?

If you don’t have time to wash your hair or don’t have dry-shampoo on hand, here is 5 amazing ways to style oily hair and still look ultra chic when you head out.

1. Side-Parted Low Bun


Think about how many flights air hostess’ take back to back – surely there would be times when they would be caught with oily hair – yet they always look so put-together. They can thank the very chic side-parted low bun. I can’t think of a hairstyle more polished, sexy and sophisticated. This style hides a multitude of sins including oily roots and even split ends.

2. Sleek Centre-Parted Low Pony


Kim Kardashian has really made the low-slung centre-parted ponytail hers. Gone are the days when she would rely upon large brushed out Hollywood curls. Kim (thanks to Kanye’s styling) is all about neat and sleek. All you need for this look is your dirty hair, a fine tooth comb to create a neat centre part and a hair tie the same colour as your hair to secure at the nape of your neck. Done!

3. High-End Wet Look Hair


This hairstyle was firsted introduced on the runways, allowing models to look a little more futuristic and edgy. You can get the look at home, too, by simply brushing out your oily hair (which helps to distribute the natural oils down the strand) and spraying a generous amount of sea salt spray through your lengths before heating through quickly with your blow dryer (only heat for a minute – you want to keep the wet look). Finish with a coating of hair spray (you don’t want any frizz) and comb all hair back off your face.

4. High Textured Pony


If you enjoy a high pony thanks to the perky pep-in-your-step it gives you, let me tell you that you don’t need freshly blow waved hair! Make like Nina Dobrev and scoop up all of your strands (without using a brush as you want a more textured finish) and secure at the crown of your head. Next take your GHD or a pair of curling tongs and take large chunky sections of your ponytail and curl. All attention will be off your oily roots and on your curled pony. Your oily roots will also help to tame fly-aways. Bonus!

5. Mini Buns


From Gwen Stefani to Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner – so many celebrities love mini buns. This style – most commonly seen on those who enjoy a ‘goth-chic’ dress code – is a great choice as it disguises oily hair by simply putting the attention on cute coiled mini buns. Your hair, also having some grit from your natural oils, will also hold the style better as there will be less fluffy fly-aways. In fact, I’d say don’t try this trend unless you have dirty bed hair!

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