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Best Hair Products: Heat Protection Sprays You Need This Winter

So it’s that time of year again – winter. Sure there’s raison toast with butter, cosy nights in with your favourite wooly throw and of course those ugly pair of bed socks you can’t bare to part with, but one of my most hated aspects is how it can wreck havoc on my hair


Not only does it take fives times as long to dry (if I go down the natural route without touching any appliances) but my mane also becomes unruly and hard to manage.

Here are the thermal heat defence sprays that I have turned to in times of dire need. Some help to dry hair quicker and others will help it become more manageable. One thing they all have in common, though, is that they protect your strands from constant heat application that comes via our styling tools. No more fried tresses, frayed ends and fluffy frizz. I’ve awarded the top three heat protection sprays based on how often I use them as well as price, availability and how many additional perks they offer your hair. 


Indola Innova Wonder Blow-Dry:

wonder blow dry

Price? $17.95

Where Can I Get It? Free shipping in Australia.

What Does It Do? Speeds up your regular blow-dry and much much more (see below)!

What Does It Smell Like? Florally. 

Packaging? Clean and easy to read. It comes in a plastic pump bottle so you know exactly how much you have left (opposed to tin spray dispensers).

Is It A Multi-Tasker? Heck yes! It has ten benefits. It instantly speeds up your blow dry, de-tangles, offers heat protection, maintains moisture, boosts bounce, adds shine, stops frizz, offers flexibility of movement, leaves no icky residue and it keeps your blow dry lasting longer. Phew, I need a deep breath after that long list!


Taft Full On Guardian Angel Straightening Iron Spray:

Taft Guardian Angel Straightening Iron Spray

Price? $6.99 – The most affordable spray on the list!

Where Can I Get It? Priceline or major supermarkets. 

What Does It Do? This spray gives protection for heats up to 220 degrees! This is great for us gals who like to use our hair straightener on the regular.

What Does It Smell Like? It actually has that signature Taft hairspray smell. I know this from many years of attending my cousins dance eisteddfods! 

Packaging? Thin and sleek. 

Is It A Multi-Tasker? It also adds extra gloss factor. 


Pure Hot Spell Thermal Conditioning Styling Spray:

Pure hot spell

Price? $28.95

Where Can I Get It? (offers free shipping in Australia!)

What Does It Do? This spray conditions and moisturises with thermal activated micro-styling polymers.

What Does It Smell Like? Super sugary! Like a candy shop!

Packaging? Totally adorable. The matte plastic features all of the necessary info in white font. It also has a bar on the back of the bottle to indicate how well it will hold your hairstyle. Oh, and it mentions that Pure is Australian owned and made, doesn’t test on animals, contains organic ingredients and is sulphate, paraben, silicone and allergy free despite its gorgeous perfumed fragrance. 

Is It A Multi-Tasker? Yes, it helps style, protect and keep strands silky. It can be used to speed up drying time and to increase humidity resistance as well as help with colour fade or breakage from sun, chemical services and heat styling damage. Aussies really are built to work hard! 


Paul Mitchell Express Style Hot Off The Press:

Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press

Price? $23.95

Where Can I Get It? (free shipping) or at professional hair salons.

What Does It Do? This spray features thermal defence protection with rice hull extracts that build a weightless barrier between fragile strands and damaging heat tools.

What Does It Smell Like? Cranberry cordial. Nice and sweet!

Packaging? In a sleek tin can with modern branding, this product screams “Get out of my way, I’m a beauty professional!”

Is It A Multi-Tasker? Provides a flexible hold as it grips and controls hair during heat styling.


Paul Mitchell Soft Style Heat Seal:

Paul Mitchell Heat Seal

Price? $20.95

Where Can I Get It? (free shipping) or at professional hair salons. 

What Does It Do? This multi-purpose thermal protection spray offers a helping hand thanks to flexible styling agents and essential fatty acids. 

Packaging? Nothing too showoff-y here. 

What Does It Smell Like? It doesn’t really have any distinctive smell. 

Is It A Multi-Tasker? Yes! It’s humidity resistant, helps to hold hairstyles, offers amazing shine and gives your hair extra body.


Living Proof Restore Revitalizing Spray:

Living Proof Revitalizing Spray

Price? $39

Where Can I Get It? Mecca Cosmetica

What Does It Do? This lightweight spray instantly hydrates dry or damaged hair, while defending against heat and UV damage. It’s even patented because it has a unique complex of pro-vitamins, UV absorbers and PBAE to instantly add shine, smoothness and polish.

Packaging? This matte tin aerosol can has all the information you essentially need to know on the front. Clever! 

What Does It Smell Like? At first whiff it does smell like vodka (there must be alcohol used in the special formula), but later it smells like any other hairspray. 

Is It A Multi-Tasker? Yeps! It stops UV damage for 24hrs straight (great if you intend to go outdoors during the day) and also boosts shine without making your hair oily. 


Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Flatliner Flattening Iron Serum:

schwarzkopf Osis+ flatliner

Price? $28.95

Where Can I Get It? (free shipping in Australia!) or professional hairdressing salons, Price Attack & Hairhouse Warehouse.

What Does It Do? This evenly dispersed mist is perfect for girls addicted to their hair straightener. It allows for long lasting polka straight strands thanks to its 200°C heat-proof guard.

Packaging? This one got my boyfriends nod of approval. Perhaps because it resembles a fire extinguisher? Who knows how the male mind works! 

What Does It Smell Like? It doesn’t have a particularly strong scent, although I did pick up a slightly salty smell at first (probably due to one of the main ingredients chloride).

Is It A Multi-Tasker? It protects against humidity, smoothes strands and reduces frizz!