October 26, 2015 0 Comments Hair

Celebrity Hair Gallery: The 10 Times Jennifer Lopez Embraced Her Baby Hair

Baby hair sounds cute – but for those who struggle with it framing their foreheads every single day – it’s anything but.

There really is only two options for those who have baby hair:

  1. Accept it and rock it just like Jennifer Lopez above, or;
  2. Make like Kim Kardashian and have is lasered off. If you’ve ever looked at a before and after Kim K photo and have been puzzled as to why her appearance has changed so much over the years (apart from a few cosmetic surgeries) it has a lot to do with the baby hair/fluff around her hairline no longer being present.


Because most of us won’t want to fork out to have these small strands of hair how to buy generic viagra online removed, you have to get good at loving them. There really is no better ‘baby hair pin up girl’ than Jenny From The Block.

She took to the red carpet in September for an iHeartRadio appearance and her baby hair was gelled to her forehead.

Maybe this was a big ‘f you!” to her haters who always bring up the fuzz around her hairline, or perhaps she’s rolling with a new trend that she wants to make happen? To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever give this hairstyle a go. I’ll leave it for the models strutting down Milan’s catwalks.

Below I’ve selected Jennifer Lopez’s top 10 baby hair moments! Enjoy!