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Easy fail-safe ways to grow long healthy hair fast (based on first-hand experience!)


Hi beauties!

Here’s my fail-safe list of easy ways to grow long, strong, healthy hair faster than you can say ‘Rapunzel’.

I know these tips work because I’ve used them myself over the years when trying to encourage a short lob (shown below) to grow back fast and to its former long glossy glory.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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1. Eat a diet rich in heathy fats

healthy fats good for your hair

This doesn’t give you the excuse to binge on fried chicken.

What it does give you the opportunity to do is indulge in healthy fats that taste amazing.

Look to foods like avocados, olives, salmon and small amounts of cheese. Believe me, including these in your diet will help your hair grow so much faster.

Eating healthy fats will help you process the vitamins and minerals that are in your diet including vitamins A, D, E, and K — that are necessary for healthy hair production.

My hair doubled in length in one year (and I get regular hair trims) – basically because I indulge in a Mediterranean diet.

2. Limit yourself to washing your hair twice a week and use high quality hair products


Since we’re on the topic of oils – it’s important to note that if you want healthy long hair you need to limit how often you wash it during the week.

Over washing hair strips the natural oils from your scalp that nourish each strand and encourage growth and shine.

When you DO wash your hair, though, I recommend paying a little more for quality products because your tendrils slurp up everything you put on them.

I’m currently using Schwarzkopf’s NEW BC Oil Miracle Barbary Fig Oil and Micro Keratin range.


These products not only come in the prettiest packaging (lilac and gold) but smell very florally – and for good reason.

The precious key ingredient, barbary fig oil, is derived from prickly pear cactus flower seeds.

Although barbary oil hasn’t become very popular yet in the beauty sphere – give it a year and this oil will be everywhere thanks to it’s ability to hydrate the hair (look at how well it keeps cacti alive in arid climates!) and it gives the most beautiful shine to hair.

I’ve been using the shampoo, in-shower hair mask, leave-in-conditioning milk spray and treatment oil which have all aided in my hair growth and health.

3. Massage your hair in the shower

in shower hair massage

Blood flow to your scalp is your new best friend as it also helps to encourage speedy hair growth.

The best way to boost blood flow in this region is by giving yourself an in-shower hair massage.

It’s best to perform the massage while you’re in the shower, this way your hair won’t become oily when it’s dry – we all know how over-styling can leave us with oily roots. The same principle applies here.

Simply add pressure around the total circumference of your head by pushing your fingers down into the roots of your hair in circular motions. You can multi-task by massaging in your hair treatment at the same time.

4. Brush your hair upon leaving the shower


It’s important when your hair is towel dried to brush your strands from root to tip.

Not only will you remove any ugly tangles, but you will distribute your natural hair oil leaving you with beautifully glossy hair once air dried.

I reccomend trying a Tangle Teezer.

This ergonomically designed brush features flexible plastic bristles that easily de-knots hair and removes any pieces of hair unattached to your scalp without snagging and causing split ends.

The Tangle Teezer also drys fast, so it’s perfect to use in the shower and on wet hair. You can leave it out to dry on your basin and you won’t have to worry about a wooden hair brush slowly rotting – ewies.

You can buy yours here: Tangle Teezer, $29.95

5. Limit heating products by embracing natural hair texture

relaxed wavy hair

There comes a time in every girls life when you need to start embracing the natural texture of your own hair – whether that’s polka straight or crazy curls.

Applying heating tools to your hair every time you style it just to change your natural texture is very taxing on your strands and will inevitably make your hair appear lifeless and damaged once fully grown out.

It’s okay to experiment with different hair styles, but try limit straightening and curling your hair with heated tools to once or twice a week.

6. Don’t use hair bands with metal seals

Just like how applying unnecessary heat to your hair will cause damage, so will tying your hair up with elastic bands with metal seals (see below) or even worse, rubber bands (the type tied across newspapers), that will snag at your hair and cause split ends.

invisibobbleSimply by eliminating these accessories/tools from your kit, your hair will look 1000x better for it and will grow longer without damage.

I’ve switched to the very clever Invisibobble Traceless Hair Rings.

These innovative hair bands look like coiled telephone cord and have enough stretch to wrap around your pony tail a couple of times.

The reason they have grown popular is because they won’t break your hair or cause that annoying tell-tail ponytail mark when you eventually take your elastic out.

They also don’t have any metal clasps so they are a much smarter choice if you’re growing our your hair.

They cost on average $7 for a pack of three.


7. When hair gets slightly dirty, rock a top knot

top knot

Charlie (my gorgeous fur-baby Dachshund) loves when I rock a top knot. It makes it much easier for him to peer behind my neck!

As I wrote above, it’s important to not over-wash your hair and to also reduce the amount of time you apply heating tools.

I know how tempting it is to take your GHD out at the first sighting of a frizzy hair, but you also need to learn how to hide a bad hair day without turning to bad hair habits.

I recommend rocking a trendy top knot on these days – no one will even notice oily roots and you are giving your hair some TLC and time off while you’re at it.

8. Get regular hair trims every 2 months

regular hair trims

You may be thinking how does trimming hair encourage hair growth – isn’t it just shortening already short hair?

The truth is, getting 2 cms of hair cut off every couple of months will keep your hair looking healthy, it will also remove split ends and therefore keep the bulk of your hair strong.

By doing so your future ‘long hair’ will look healthy and well kept opposed to thin, long and scraggy.

It may not speed up hair growth per say, but it will have a huge impact on how your hair will look once it hits your desired length. And, really you want long healthy hair, not long, dead, damaged hair.

9. Embrace your natural hair colour

sarah what balayage

I had light blonde balayage woven throughout my hair at the beginning of Summer.

During your journey of trying to grow long hair, aim to return to your natural hair colour.

If you’re a brunette that loves to dye your hair blonde, it’s going to be difficult.

Hair that is forced to grow while being covered in harsh chemicals rarely looks healthy or shiny.

I recommend going au natural, but if you really want a hint of sun-kissed colour throughout your strands, try balayage as it doesn’t effect the bulk of your hair and isn’t as damaging.

10. Sleep on a silk pillow slip


Lastly, with all of your hard work above, it’s annoying to know that sleeping on cotton pillow slips actually causes knots and split ends due to friction.

Sleeping on rough linen is the opposite of beauty sleep!

I suggest buying silk pillow slips as this textile allows for ease of movement while you’re sleeping and doesn’t pull on your hair.

You’ll find that your hair even looks prettier and more manageable after you wake up, no more big messy bed hair.

I recently bought new silk pillow cases on eBay for around $20 – but you can find them for cheaper if you look hard.

SS x