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Fringe Benefits: How To Tell If A Fringe Will Suit You


So you’re contemplating whether or not you should get a full fringe – or if you’re American, bangs. Well, lucky you! This post is here to help you work out if they will even suit you or not. This cuts out (pardon the pun) even the faintest chance of post-salon-regret.

Firstly, fringes tend to suit women with round or oval shaped faces. Just look above at Sophia Bush, Camilla Belle, Jessica Biel, Sienna Miller and our own Australian darling Rose Byrne, each were able to fully pull off this hair style with no awkie red carpet moments.

If you’re starting to experiment with the idea of having a fringe by cutely tucking your front strands underneath each other and posing in front of any reflective surface, I have a game changing proposal for you that will only cost you 25 doll hairs and you’ll know straight away how you feel about buy viagra denver this new do’.

Introducing Lady Jayne’s Solid Fringe.


This clip in hair extension comes in platinum blonde, golden blonde, dark brown, and black. Basically all you have to do is style your hair as normal (straight, curly, in a ponytail or out) and clip the section in as far back or forward as you like.

Here’s how I looked with mine in:


I decided that I actually don’t want a fringe (lucky I didn’t get the snip snip!), instead I’ll just clip this is when ever that yearning comes back and head out for some cocktails with the girls. I’m sure that after a few hours of having hair dangling in front of my eyes I’ll be happy to take this clip out and lay it to rest for a couple more months.

You can pick up Lady Jayne’s Solid Fringe from Big W, Kmart, Priceline, Target and selected pharmacies nationally for $24.95.

SS x