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Hair How-To: Get Julianne Hough’s Chic Zig-Zag Parted Ponytail Seen At The 2015 AMA’s


Julianne Hough looked ridiculously gorgeous at the 2015 AMA’s.

She’s always been one of my favourite celebrities and a constant source of fashion and beauty inspiration. She has the most angelic face with large stoney-blue eyes, bronzed skin and golden hair.

At this year’s AMA’s she chose a very eye-catching hairstyle – something different to what all of the other girls rocked on the red carpet. She opted for a zig-zag parted slick ponytail with lots of gloss.


If you didn’t see the above picture you wouldn’t think this would work, but because the style sits over the ears before being slicked back, it looks very goddess-like and ultra flattering.

I think this is such a stylish and easy hairstyle to incorporate into your summer hair routine, it gets the hair off your face on hot days and there is less chance of frizzy fly-aways!

If you want to steal Julianne’s 2015 AMA’s hairstyle follow my simple step-by-step below. I’ve also included the best products to use to get the style right!

What you will need:


  1. A wide paddle brush (Try: Model’s Prefer Square Paddle Brush, $9.99)
  2. A fine tooth comb (Try: Model’s Prefer Plastic Tail Comb, $3.99)
  3. A leave-in straightening gloss balm (Try: Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener, $44.95)
  4. A medium-hold shine-enhancing hairspray (Try: Aveda’s Brilliant Medium-Hold Hairspray, $39.95)
  5. Clear hair elastics (Try: Model’s Prefer Mini Poly Bands Black/Clear, $4.99)


  1. Start by brushing freshly washed hair from root to tip with your large paddle brush. This will help to detangle any knots.
  2. Next, take your Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener and distribute it through your lengths before brushing through with a paddle brush. This balm will make sure your hair stays straight all day as well as give you incredible shine like Julianne’s.
  3. Blow-dry your strands straight.
  4. With straight kink-free hair take a fine tooth comb and create a centre part. Make sure it lines up perfectly straight between your two eyebrows. This will lay the ground work for your zig-zag.
  5. Now, with the pointy part of your comb, from the far left or right of your centre part, draw into the part diagonally. Once you hit the centre continue a little bit further across (for a dramatic zig-zag) and stop.
  6. Without lifting your comb from the scalp, pivot the comb in the opposite direction and draw. Don’t expect to see a clear zig-zag yet. That will happen once the entire zig-zag is drawn.
  7. Continue zig-zagging all the way back making sure the length of each zag is the same until you hit the crown.
  8. Pulling the comb away slowly as to not lose all of your hard work, grab one side of the part and separate. You’ll see a clear zig-zag like Julianne’s. Yay!
  9. Take Aveda’s Brilliant Medium-Hold Hairspray and spirtz all over. Comb down on both sides with your paddle brush.
  10. Make sure to bring the front sections (closest to your forehead) over the tops of your ears before pulling back into a ponytail.
  11. Brush and smooth into a ponytail that looks flattering at the nape of your neck and finish with a clear hair elastic or one your own hair colour.
  12. Add extra shine by spraying a little more hairspray onto the top of your zig-zag and pushing the product down on each side with clean fingers.


I personally love this look and will be wearing it throughout summer. Do you love Julianne Hough? Will you be giving this style a go?

SS x