July 7, 2014 0 Comments Hair

Hair Inspiration: Pastel Coloured Hair

my little pony toy purple

What’s trending in hair? I’m glad you asked! It’s all about pastel strands, from washed out lilacs to pop bright pinks. Aqua marine greens and baby blues are also given fashionistas ticks of approval, and I’m even considering signing my self up for some dip-dyed purple ends!

my little pony toy pink

If you enjoyed playing with your set of My Little Pony’s growing up, you’re going to be totally in love with this collection of inspiring buy viagra online 100 mg images I’ve collected for you above (simply hover your curser on top of the above image to click through).

Get the look by booking yourself in with a professional hair colourist, or try it out at home for a smidgen of the price with some pretty pastel DIY hair chalks (more easy to achieve for blondes).

If you were to go pastel, which colour would you pick?

SS x