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Healthy Hair 101: 5 Simple Hair Habits You Need To Embrace Now To Avoid Unnecessary Split-Ends


The divine Miss Katy Perry has the prettiest locks on the planet (in my humble opinion). Just look at how clean and crisp her ends are – not one split-end in sight! Not to mention the shine – seriously, someone pass me my sunglasses.

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a trick to keeping split-ends at bay, I’ve unlocked the 5 hair habits you need to start embracing now to save your hair from unnecessary stress and unsightly split-ends. No one wants a head of hair that looks like the frizzled straw sticking out of a scarecrow (pretty accurate description yeh?).

These quick switches in your hair routine will save you inches at the hairdressers when they try and snip away at your beloved length.



1. Use Fabric Elastics That Don’t Snag

scunci no damage hair elastics

One of the easiest ways to avoid split ends is to wear fabric elastics instead of traditional hair ties with metal clasps.

Fabric elastics secure your hair in a ponytail just as well as regular hair ties except they don’t tug, pull, rip or snag at your hair which means less breakage and fewer split ends.

This one switch can help you grow longer more beautiful locks. I love Scunci’s No Damage Elastics, $8.99. There’s a huge range to shop from to suit every hair thickness and colour and they are available at most supermarkets and beauty hotspots like Priceline.

2. Use A Heat Protection Spray


Using a quality heat-protection product before heat-styling is key to keeping your ends fresh and split-free. It seriously only takes 2 seconds to spray your hair all over and safe guard your tresses from OTT damage.

I’ve been loving Make’s Protected Spray, $21.95. The smell is really pretty and key ingredients like wheat extract, eucalyptus and juniper help to coat each hair follicle stopping unnecessary frying and frizz. I also love that the whole Make range is made in Australia. You’ve got to support the local economy beauty babes!

3. Never Ever Skip Conditioner


Skipping hair conditioner is a major sin in my books. What’s the point of washing your hair (and in doing so stripping away all your natural precious oils) to then not replenish and nourish your strands with a smoothing and hydrating conditioner? You’re almost asking for split ends!

I’m really enjoying Garnier Fructis’ new Full & Luscious range (the cheeky commercial won me over if I’m honest. Just say FNL in a loud voice. Gotta love Australian colloquialisms!). The conditioner, $11.95, promises to create fuller more thick hair – and after trialling it, I can vouch for the fact that it works.

The trademarked key ingredient that expands the hair shaft is Fibra-Cylane. It’s a breakthrough fibre-filling molecule that penetrates deep into the hair fibre. I leave my hair conditioner in for at least 3 minutes to allow the ingredients to activate.

4. Brush Your Hair From Ends To Root, Not Roots To Ends


Can you believe it? We’ve been brushing our hair wrong this whole time! *face palm*

When you brush your hair from root to tip you tend to pull and drag any knots forcing the hair follicle to split and break. By starting from the bottom (just like Drake) and working your way up, you can tackle any knots as you come across them without causing disruption and breakage to surrounding healthy strands by yanking in a downwards motion.

5. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally


Instead of jumping out of the shower and blasting your hair dryer, try wrapping your strands in a warm fluffy towel instead. The natural heat radiating from your head will dry hair trapped in the towel and you’ll feel better knowing you’ve eliminating just one extra hair heating appliance that you use day-to-day.

This is the perfect time to apply a leave-in hair treatment as well as your hair follicle will be open from the steamy shower and slurp up all of the hard-working ingredients. I’m infatuated with John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer, $16.99.

When applied to wet/damp hair this primer will smooth crazy uncontrollable hair before it drys meaning you’ll end up with uniform soft lengths that actually behave!

I believe that if your hair looks presentable in its most natural state you’re less likely to pick up damaging heating tools meaning less breakage. For this reason alone this product is well worth it and needs to be in your bathroom cabinet! Thanks John.

Will you be adopting any of these anti split-ends hair habits? How do you keep your hair healthy?

SS x