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How I Overhauled My Hair This Summer With Goldwell

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To be completely honest with you all, I’ve never really neglected my hair. Even since the age of six or seven my mum would give me weekly hair conditioning treatments in the bath, or she’d wash my hair out with white vinegar for extra shine (sounds crazy I know!). So this has always carried through with me – hair is important, as shallow as that sounds.

This past summer, as I’ve been growing my hair out from a lob to now mid-length strands, I’ve made sure to feed my hair with super strength ingredients to help encourage growth and luscious locks.

Enter Goldwell’s Dualsenses and Stylesign range.

Dualsenses comes with 11 different mini ranges under its belt – but what I was most interested in was their Rich Repair range. Most of the products which fall within this collection are ultra rich, they smell of sandalwood (delish) and contain creamy Pashmina silk proteins – derived from sheep wool.

I adored my weekly in-shower Rich Repair 60 Sec Treatment ($20.95). I’d keep this hair mask in for 5 minutes while I multi-tasked by exfoliating and de-fuzzing my whole body. When you wash this treatment out, your hair will literally feel like silk between your fingers.

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I then followed up with Goldwell’s Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum ($20.95) which is complete bang for your buck. This serum delivers ridiculous shine, it detangles, helps split ends and fights frizz – basically everything you’re looking for from a serum to make your hair look fab the minute after you towel dry, and forever on thanks to the long term results the ingredients provide.


I normally let my hair dry naturally overnight to wake up with a pillow covered in curls the next day. As a general rule, the less heat you apply to your hair via styling products the better. With my natural strands though, I style them the next day with my trusty GHD. After my hair is straightened or curled into a particular style, I’ve been spraying from root to tip with  Goldwell StyleSign Naturally Full Wet and dry Bodifying Spray ($24.95). It’s different to normal hairspray as it coats each strand with a formula that holds any style for 24 hours, but if you decide to change said look throughout the day, it will play nice and adapt and hold. No more crunchy strands! It also provides heat and colour protection so it’s a fabulous choice if you’re trying to keep your hair looking as lovely, shiny and healthy as possible.


To try this range out for yourself make sure to pick up some products from salons that stock Goldwell, (If you’re unsure of where to look call 1800 50 60 60).

What products have kept your hair in tip-top condition? Let me know below.

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