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How-To Beauty Tutorial: Create Milkmaid Braids The Easy Way

Milkmaid Braids How To Tutorial


Hi Cuties!

Last week I was asked so many times how I create my easy and relaxed milkmaid braid hairstyle. You see, the reason this style is so attractive to me in the first place is because it takes a mere two minutes 0r less to do! The best part is that you actually need messy bed hair to work with for the extra texture!

Here’s my step-by-step guide to pulling off this ‘half-up half-down milkmaid braids’ hairstyle:

1. Tousle your messy bed hair with your fingers to neaten any large knotted areas.

2. Find your natural part. I’m lucky and can divide my hair down the middle or side because I don’t have a cowlick, but go with what looks best for you!

3. Now that you have your part, take a large chunk of hair from under your ear and plait or fishtail braid it. Secure with an elastic for now and leave this plait on your shoulder for the time being.

4. Take a section the same size from under your opposite ear and plait or fishtail braid and secure with an elastic.

5. Now making sure to keep your part as is, take one braid and pull it up from under your ear. Guide it across your head so that it looks like the image above. Take bobby pins and secure in place but make sure they’re not seen.

6. With the opposite braid do the same and place directly on top of the other plait, or next to it. Secure with bobby pins.

7. With the image above, I decided to cross over one plait and one twirled piece of hair for a unique and slightly different look.

8. Finish with hairspray. Now get out the front door and get on with you day!

What do you guys think? Let me know if you try this style. If you do make sure to @ mention me on Instagram, I’d love to see your snaps!

SS x