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Itchy Scalp? Here’s How To Cure Dandruff Quick!


You’ll encounter two kinds of flaky friends in life. The first kind are infamous for cancelling prearranged coffee dates, and for hitting ‘attend’ on Facebook invites but never actually showing.

The second kind of flaky friend is actually flaking. They’ve called all the stops to try hide their stubborn dandruff but their itchy white flakes just want to be seen! As much as everyone loves snow domes (because they’re adorable!), actually flaking on people, or yourself, just isn’t!

Tyra Banks was once quoted saying:

“My hair’s all over my head. It’s sticking straight up and it’s dirty and full of dandruff. And every time I scratch my scalp, I get this gook of nasty dandruff under my nails…”

Ew! But you’ve got to respect the girls honesty!

If you also struggle with dandruff, here is the easiest most fail safe way to get rid of it when it strikes – because lets face it, it always does at this time of year when the weather is changing seasons.

Here are my 10 tips for ditching dandruff:


1. Invest in a trusted dandruff-treating shampoo and conditioner. I’ve always gone straight to Head & Shoulders because they really are the specialists. I buy their Clean & Balanced Shampoo and Conditioner ($5.99 each for 200ml) because it not only cleans your hair throughly, but treats your dandruff with the active ingredient zinc pyrithione. It basically eats away at living fungus in your scalp which causes the dandruff. #gross

2.  Shampoo twice. If you’re a hair product junkie like me, your scalp is probably needing a double rinse just to remove all of the dry shampoo, leave in hair serums, hair spray and texturising powder. Even if you don’t use anything I just rattled off, the build up of oils on your scalp needs to be throughly washed away.


3. Give yourself a hydrating hair mask. Dandruff can be caused from a dry scalp that has dehydrated skin. If this skin becomes too tight and thirsty it will shed off flakey layers just to give oil and sebum a chance to seep out and hydrate. I recommend Head & Shoulders Scalp Message Cream ($10.99) because it’s medicated and targets the most hard to get rid of dandruff. Take a good gloop and with your fingertips massage into your roots. I love this refreshing cream, it feels like cold peppermint – it’s pure heaven on a sore itchy scalp.

4. Stay clear of any yeasty foods for at least a week. Vegemite, beer, white foods – the lot! Because dandruff is a fungus it thrives when fed any products that contain yeast. Give yourself a detox.

dont use your hairdryer if you have dandruff

5. Ban any heating appliances as well. Your scalp is at it’s most sensitive when you have dandruff, so don’t apply any heat to it, this will only make it stress out and become inflamed. Try let your hair dry naturally and sport a chic top knot for a while.

6. Cut down on haircare like sprays and serums. A common cause of dandruff is over doing it on the styling front. Until your dandruff completely vanishes try to only put the tiniest bit of serum on your ends of your hair and no where near your roots. I’d even avoid the lengths of your hair for the time being.

7. Wash your hair at least three times a week with your dandruff fighting shampoo’s and conditioners. Your flaky frenemy may be caused from not washing your hair enough, which has caused a build up of oil resulting in dandruff.


8. When you eventually cure yourself of dandruff avoid any haircare that has sodium lauryl sulfate. It’s a soapy detergent used in cheaper shampoos and conditioners. Try opt for a really nice natural brand. I’ve been using Eco Organic Quotidie Shampoo and Conditioner ($17.95 each, available at Priceline). They don’t contain any nasties and they give your hair a proper clean. I’ve found that the conditioner isn’t as creamy as other brands I’ve tried, but when you’re recovering from dandruff you don’t want anything too heavy that can cause more congestion on your scalp. This is a great option ladies!

9. Make sure you are getting enough Zinc and B vitamins in your diet, a deficiency in these can cause dandruff and acne! B Vitamins are found in a lot of different kinds of food, but the most delicious source is from a variety of seafood like salmon and from your morning oats. Zinc can be found in yummy spinach and pumpkin seeds.


10. Lastly, when you depart the shower and rinse off, make like Marsha Brady and give your hair a good brush. Try use a bristled panel brush over a comb as you can cover more surface area. By doing this you are creating blood flow to the roots of your hair, and equally distributing your natural hair oil. Once your hair drys it will appear much more shiny as well. Bonus!

And that’s it gorgeous girls. If you have any more questions or would like to share a piece of your own advice, please go right ahead in the comment box below.

SS x