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The Lob – The Most Universally Flattering & Chic Hairstyle For Women


Women often go through stages of their lives when they suddenly want to make a drastic change to their hair.

It’s as if one day, out of the blue, we will be straightening our hair and then look in the mirror and ask ourselves ‘this… again?’. We’ll then start thinking about whether we should get a fringe (bangs if you’re American), or be extremely drastic and cut our hair into a short bob.

If you are currently facing this ‘hair rut dilemma’ – I have the right hairstyle for you.

The long bob – or lob.

It’s a great in-between length that will help you see if you like a shorter hairstyle without over committing with a bob. It also flatters most face shapes (*apart from long faces) and sits chic next to your collarbones.

It also never makes your face appear fuller, instead it has a really nice slimming effect and means all your split ends will be snipped off  in the process making your tresses feel healthy, clean and crisp.

I think Mollie King (English singer and songwriter from The Saturdays) has really mastered this hairstyle (or her hairdresser has!). She’s looking so good lately.


Here are 3 things to consider before you opt for a long bob:

  1. If you have thinner hair – ask for a blunt cut to give your hair the illusion of thick hair. Too many layers around your face will make your hair look even thinner and more wispy.
  2. *If you have a longer more oval shaped face, consider asking for a side swept fringe to avoid elongating your slim face further.
  3. Ask your hairdresser to cut your lob with a centre part – it’s way more versatile and easier to style later on when you don’t have professional help at home.

Will you be cutting your hair into a chic lob soon? What style are you currently coveting?

SS x