October 29, 2014 1 Comment Hair

Which GHD Hair Straightener is the best? The Eclipse, The IV Styler or GHD’s Birds Of Paradise Collection?


The hair appliance brand that’s been giving us ‘good hair days’ since 2001 keeps on offering up the goods with new models around the clock.

But, as much as I love all of GHD’s new and improved products, as a beauty blogger I’m often asked which model IS the best.

Crikey Mikey! That’s a heavy question that takes a lot of pondering, testing and deliberation.

Putting my hair under the heat, I’ve come up with a substantial review to help you guys purchase your next hair straightener without leaving a salon with unanswered questions or buyers remorse – there isn’t anything worse is there?


GHD Eclipse


Price: 300 doll hairs

What does it do best: Tame unruly hair due to new patented tri-zone technology

What makes it unique: It’s tri-zone technology. Basically it’s the new six quick-thinking sensors that maintain a constant heat of 185 degrees from root to tip. It’s been shown that this is the best styling temperature that allows you to straighten your locks in one stroke.

The plates on this model are also much thiner allowing for quick heat transfer and a lighter straightener to hold

Aesthetics: White – a clean look for minimalists. The outer casing also features aerogel insulation to stop your hands feeling any heat

Final verdict: 9.5/10


GHD Birds Of Paradise collection


Price: 279 doll hairs

What does it do best: Curl hair effortlessly and give amazing shine thanks to ceramic plates

What makes it unique: Differing from the orginal IV Styler from GHD, this range features contoured heating ceremic plates that easily shift when you rotate the straightener for curls locks

Aesthetics: Inspired by the tropical colours of the international SS14 runways, this limited edition range comes in two very pretty bright summery colours

Final verdict: 8/10




GHD IV Styler (A.K.A the original)


Price: 239 doll hairs

What does it do best: Straighten your hair and curl it with ease – no kinks with this bad boy

What makes it unique: Being the original – some would also say it’s the best. I like the weight of the IV Styler much more than the other models that have come out since.

For me, when I’m griping my hair with the hot tongs and slightly twisting the straightener to create Gisele like tendrils, the slight heaviness allows me to have a unique sense of more control as I know how much pressure to apply when clamping my hair

Aesthetics: The IV Styler is as signature as hair straightener come. Matte black is met with gold like ceramic heaters

Final verdict: 10/10