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Holy Chic Balls! Benefit’s Bling Brow Kit Filled With Self-Adhesive Swarovski Eyebrow Diamantes

10727363_618016314974209_1149324744_n If you’re anything like me, you’re probably planning what you’re going to do this New Years Eve.

Scrap that.

You’re probably planning what YOU’LL WEAR this NYE and how you can add a fun edge to your outfit.

I’ve finally decided how I’ll put a stylish celebratory twist to my usual LBD.

I present you with Benefit’s Bling Brow Kit.

I attended the launch of this exciting product last month and fell in love with how the stick-on jewels lit up my face and added extra glamour to my brows.


Benefit, the true innovators in the beauty industry, have created a beyond gorgeous kit that has everything you will need to add a sparkle to your eyes.


Each gold-cased Bling Brow Kit ($38) comes with 52 self-adhesive Swarovski crystals, tweezers and a how-to instructional – although they are pretty easy to use. Just select a pair with your tweezers, decide where you would like it placed on your brow and push down to fix in place. Voila!


The kit comes in two colour combinations, rose gold and crystal and rose gold and greige.

However, if you would like to have the crystals applied in store at Benefit, you can also do that and choose from a wider range of colours (see below).

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I opted for ‘crystal copper’ on the night and and asked for them to feature across my entire brow length. I think the copper worked really well for my dark features and made my arches look like a true statement.



The Swarovski jewels can last a few days if you wash off your makeup delicately – kind of like when you have eyelash extensions and

must use soft movements and less harsh cleansers.

You can also re-use the crystals again if you wash them separately and store them to dry. Simply re-apply them again with a tiny dot of false eyelash glue.

modelling benefit bling brow

benefit bling brow party

benefit bling brow application

Although I’ll be wearing this look again on New Years Eve in Sydney, I think they would work well at the races, birthday parties, Christmas, Halloween… the list goes on!

What do you guys think of Bling Brow?

Will you be trying it?

SS x