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How To Rock A Natural Looking Fake Tan In Winter

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I’m going to cut straight to the chase and tell you that I’m looking pretty white right now. Any hint of a summer tan has left me, and even on a sunshiny day like today I’ve resorted to wearing leather pants instead of exposing my translucent legs to the world. See, it’s a real problem!

I was going to wallow in self pity, but then I remembered that I DO have a cure for this! In fact I always use this solution in September, a time when us girlies start wearing dresses again and need a faux glow. How did I not think to do this in Winter – a season when I need this routine the most. Gah!

I’ve detailed below how to rock a winter tan for those days when the sun is out (even if it is for 2 hours or so) or for when you want to wear a gorgeous creamy coloured outfit and you just know will look better when you’re golden brown.

Get In The Tub & Scrub

To pull off a faux glow, you need to make sure your skin is silky smooth before you even think of applying fake tan. Why? Because if the surface of your skin coco_body_scrub_product_imagein uneven due to built up dead skin cells, the pigment in your fake tan will dry unevenly and even look blotchy once those pesky skin cells start to shed. No one wants to look like a spotty leopard, especially in the cooler months. 

I recommend using Dirty Works Coconut Caress Body Scrub. It smells delish, it has enough exfoliating granules to slough away at dry patches and best of all it’s super affordable. One tube is only $7.95 (available at Coles), so you can really go all out and scrub your whole body without fretting over how much you’re wasting!

Take Off Your Kit and Put On Your Mitt

Ahh, I love to rhyme. Now that your body is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, it’s time to apply your fake tan. You will definitely need a tanning mitt to make sure your application is streak free, that way it will look as natural as possible. There are so many mitts to choose from in Priceline, and they will only cost you about $10 and last you a whole season. supertan modelco

My fake tan of choice is ModelCo’s Supertan Instant Fake Tan ($22 for 100ml available from Priceline or ModelCo’s online store). ModelCO have many hero prodelco face tanoducts, like their awesome Fibre Lash Mascara, but for me their tanning range is hard to beat. I like this particular product because it features vegetan which matches your skins natural colouring so that it creates a dark customised shade that’s personalised for you. The formula is made up of macadamia oil and pomegranate extract to help hydrate your skin, while melanin is added to encourage your skin to accept natural uv light absorption, this will allow your skin to eventually produce a natural healthy tan. 

Once I apply the tan to my whole body with a mitt, I switch to ModelCo Facetan ($29) which is truly genius! It has two nozzles, one has a tan formula that builds a gorgeous glow on your face, the second has a hyaluron serum, an ingredient that holds 1000x its weight in water to help plump and enhance the volume of moisture in your skin.

After this application I like to switch my hair dryer on to the cool setting and dry myself off!

Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate Some More

tanned legsThis is super important to help prolong your tan and stop it from rubbing off prematurely. Use an all over body moisturiser and slather it on morning and night. I like Vaseline’s Healthy Radiance Ultimate 10 Anti-Ageing Lotion ($7.68 for 225ml available from Priceline). It has the most beautiful fragrance, it soaks into the skin fast and it contains pro-retinol and vitamin B3 – both fantastic at keeping your skin looking young! 

And that’s it chickens. The moral of this beauty story is “if you don’t want to look like a ghost, you don’t have to!” 

If you have any tanning tips, please feel free to leave them below.

Lots of love,

SS x