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How To: Ruthlessly Declutter And Organise Your Makeup & Beauty Collection To Make Getting Ready Easier And More Tidy


Wow – what a title for a post! I know many of you will love flicking through this how-to because, let’s face it, it’s hard to let go of gorgeous beauty products with stunning packaging or skincare products with killer hard-working ingredients – even if you have owned them for a billion years!

Hoarding beauty products, whether that be makeup, skincare, hair styling products or nail polishes only actually makes your life more difficult when getting ready to go out, and it makes your living quarters look more like Priceline than an actual home.

tumblr_neyxt1Zlzl1qerbano1_500As a beauty writer, I’ve been so lucky over the years to have countless beauty products handed my way. I love unwrapping new makeup launches and trialling new skincare regimes. The issue is, when you have new products entering your home every single day, where do you possibly store them all? And worse, they all have use-by dates, so if you don’t keep on top of their lifespan there’s a really good chance you’re applying old face creams to your precious skin at night – this won’t exactly give you a glowy complexion the next day.
Last week I bought (sigh – I really am a hopeless makeup and beauty obsessive) lots of new luxe beauty products from my local Sephora in Sydney. I couldn’t help myself. I was initially so excited to bring them home (I literally had a bounce in my step), but as soon as I opened the door to my apartment and looked at the boxes of beauty releases also sent to me on my console table, I was hit with a weird feeling.

tumblr_nfp2ccuKJY1qerbano1_500I was sad to place all my new gorgeous beauty products with all my old products I’d been hanging onto for years stored in my bedroom, bathroom and office. It seemed such a shame to mix in bright new packaging and new releases with items that were either damaged, old or didn’t bring me any excitement anymore.

Hence, the reason for this blog entry.

Here are 3 steps to decluttering, down-sizing and organising your epic makeup stash so that when you look at it, you’re filled with happiness (isn’t that what makeup and beauty is all about anyway?).

You may not be a beauty blogger, but if your love for all things beauty is showing in your home, in a not so good way, it’s time to take charge and make a chic edit to your beauty collection.

Here are my three steps to decluttering and organising your makeup

1. Separate your beauty products into 3 groups: keep, throw out and give away


Here’s a shot of some of my makeup I decided to keep when splitting my makeup collection into three groups: 1) Keep 2) Give to a friend 3) Throw out

Head to each room that you store beauty products in and take two bags with you. One will be to place items you no longer want in to throw away, the second bag will be for items that don’t excite you anymore that you can give away to friends or family. The third group will be for the makeup and beauty products you want to keep.

By breaking this up into three groups, you can start your clean out with rules and energy and you won’t feel overwhelmed or bogged down by the job ahead.

2. Ask yourself the right questions to see if you should keep a beauty product


One of the bags I decided to fill with previously loved beauty products to give to a friend

When dividing up your beauty stash into three groups, ask yourself some key and powerful questions to determine if you should keep said products. I ask myself the following:

  • Is this beauty product still in date? If you’re unsure of makeup expiry dates check my article here to determine each product.
  • Ask yourself how often you use said product. If you bought a stunning body illuminator over a year ago and you haven’t used it, and it’s still in date, perhaps consider handing it over to a friend who will get better use out of it. This will help you eliminate products that aren’t useful and your collection will be much more manageable and easier to navigate when you are getting ready to go out.
  • Ask yourself whether the product brings you happiness or joy – this is when you will make the biggest cull to your collection. This tip I picked up from legendary Japanese ‘Guru of Tidiness’ Marie Kondo. I bought her book The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up late last year and found it amazing. She asks her clients to question whether an item brings them joy, and if it doesn’t, throw it out. Another rule of hers is to thank each item for serving you before placing it in the trash to show the universe gratitude. Love it!

3. Organise your newly edited stash


One of the multiple large bags I filled with beauty products heading straight for the bin! Some of the items included out of date products, broken items or things I was holding onto even though I no longer loved them.

This step depends largely on how big your makeup and beauty collection really is.

If you’ve edited down your stash but still have lots of products, you might want to invest in some makeup draws from Ikea to separate your beauty products. You can reserve a large draw individually for skin, makeup and hair and separate sub-categories like blushes and lipsticks in containers within the draw.

If you have a medium sized beauty collection, consider buying a trolly or a smaller shelving unit where you can separate your makeup, hair and skin products.

If you now have a really cute, minimal edit of products, simple containers will do the trick and can be placed on your beauty desk and in your bathroom.

When placing your products in containers, make sure to position the products you use the most at the front and top of each box for easy reach. This will save you pulling your hair out and messing up entire draws when looking for your trusty can’t-live-without mascara.

When was the last time you cleaned out your beauty collection? Are you a makeup or skincare hoarder? Did you know makeup had an expiry date? Did the above how-to help you? Let me know below!

SS x