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How-To: Whiten Your Teeth At Home – A lesson For Australian Beauty Margot Robbie

3rd Annual Australians In Film Awards Benefit Gala - Arrivals

Ah, Margot Robbie – you looked so amazing this week at the 3rd Annual Australians In Film Awards Benefit Gala – but why didn’t you whiten your teeth first?!

Your hair was killer (look at those intricate braids!), your makeup was perfect for the occasion (chic girl-next-door vibes) and you were smart to wear Australian design Dion Lee to the event.

The only issue I had with your look, however, was your very orange canine teeth that were so obvious and stood out in profile photographs when you smiled.


If you’ve ever wondered why canine teeth are more yellow than the rest, it’s simply because these teeth are more dense and have a larger amount of ‘dentine’.

This enamel tends to be more yellow in colour compared to your other teeth, so the only way to get them to match is to bleach them.

Anyway – girl! You’re a hollywood heavyweight now, and to stay up there with the elite a few at-home beauty DIY’s are needed. This is of course, if you’re against having your teeth whitened professionally. I personally have heard that Zoom! whitening is exceptional.

Here are three different fail-safe ways to brighten your smile at home.

1. Teeth Whitening Strips


I’ve used teeth whitening strips for years! They’re great because you literally open up the little plastic packet, gently take off one of the clear viagra online reputable pharmacy flexible strips coated in whitening paste, carefully adhere it to your top and bottom teeth and enjoy some mindless scrolling on the interwebz for a few minutes before taking them off.

If you have orange canine teeth, I suggest concentrating the strips on the side of your teeth.

Chemist Warehouse currently sells the 14-pack for $25.

2. Teeth Whitening Polish


I’ve also used this method before! Basically after brushing your teeth, open up the little bottle and paint your teeth with the whitening polish – it’s a little like painting your nails.

The only difference with this method of whitening is that you can’t close your mouth. You needs to wear a huge goofy smile in front of the mirror and wait a minute. Your cheeks might start to hurt after a little while, but it does work. You can grab this from your local Woolworths for $33.

3. Teeth Whitening Light


It’s a Blue Light Disco – but for your teeth! (major lols).  You can now purchase at-home teeth whitening kits that work with a gel that is activated with a blue light (LED). Basically just pop on the whitening gel and for a couple of minutes direct the light into your mouth. This will help to remove even the strongest stains. The blue light teeth whitening system is available at Priceline for $59.95.

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