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Is Your Skin Crying Out For Attention? You Need An At-Home Quick Fix Facial

Barbara Palvin and her amazing glowy complexion.

Barbara Palvin and her amazing glowy complexion.

So your skin has had it. It’s literally having a tanty – but instead of like a brat banging their fists on the floor, you have either dry peeling skin, sore congested pores or maybe you’re producing so much oil on your forehead you’re sure you’ll be listed as the number one oil source in the world! Step aside Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Don’t feel too dismayed. Unlike some bigger travesties that life can throw at us, misbehaving skin can be pulled inline.

Enter Quick Fix Facials.


These little beauties cost just $8.95 each and can be picked up at your local Woolworths, so even if you are severely breaking out, you can quickly duck into your nearest store and be home to rescue your skin swiftly without anymore unnecessary stress.

I tried all three masks over the last month, they all take just thirty seconds to apply and only ten minutes to work their magic before they need to be washed off. Key things to remember are:

*Always apply to freshly cleansed skin;

*Make sure to cover all skin on your face and neck, but avoid your eye area (see picture of me below for how a standard application should look);

*Leave on for 10 minutes or longer. I left the Anti-Blemish Mask on for half an hour the other night, purely because I was captivated by a Tumblr post filled with fashion tidbits (typical girl!);

*When washing off use warm water, but follow up with cold water to close your pores back up. If you don’t your skin will be vulnerable and exposed to pollution, germs etc and you will get further breakouts;

*Finish by applying a thin layer of oil-free moisturiser on your face.

Here I am with my favourite Quick Fix Face Mask. I'm looking pretty adoringly at it I must admit!

Here I am with my favourite Quick Fix Face Mask. I’m looking pretty adoringly at it I must admit!

Wondering which of the above masks would be best suited to you? Here are my key points on each to help you out:

Quick Fix Exfoliating Scrub Mask:

This is fantastic if you have blocked pores (a nose covered in black heads and white heads on your T-zone and cheeks). By using this mask as a scrub first you’ll be able to open up clogged pores allowing the formulation to draw out oil buildup. Pink rose clay, glycolic acid and pomegranate extracts all help to fix this annoying issue and improve your skins overall tone.

Quick Fix Anti Blemish Mud Mask:

This mask was my favourite, it applies like a thick luxurious cream. After ten minutes it will set hard thanks to Dead Sea mud and salicylic acids which absorb oil. Tea Tree oil is also added so future outbreaks are less likely. Your skin will look super glowy once you wash it off. It’s a winner!

Quick Fix Mega Moisture Gel Mask:

Do you have sore dry skin? Been in the sun too much lately? Is premature ageing highly likely? Uh oh. This mask is most definitely for you! Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E help to restore much needed moisture to the skin, but marine collagen (which is most commonly sourced from algae or fish scales) is the real hero here as it will heal damaged skin super fast.

Go pick up your best suited mask from Wollies now beauties. Make sure to let me know below if you enjoyed them!

Big love and happy weekend wishes,

SS x