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Blake Lively Legs: The Beauty Products You Need To Get Them Stat!


Blake Lively has amazing legs. They go for days and are trim and toned without being too thin (skinny is high-end, but not exactly healthy or sexy). She also is able to pull of an enviable wardrobe thanks to her amazing pins.

 In honour of Miss Lively’s lovely legs, I have listed the products that will take your winter legs and make them super sexy in no time. Why wait for summer?

What You Will Need

Dry skin brush

This is the first step to traffic stopping legs. Dry skinbrushing allows you to brush away all the layers of dead skin cells that remain lingering on your epidermis. By brushing the bristles in circular motions you’re able to create fantastic circulation, this helps the breakdown of stubborn cellulite that deposits itself at the back of the thighs. Use before you jump into the shower at night. Dry brush your whole body once a week for best results.

Pumice stone for the heels and knees

A pumice stone is the perfect tool to help remove any stubborn build up of tough skin around the knees or heels. Use this after you finish your dry skin brushing regime. These bad boys cost next to nothing and are a fabulous beauty investment that you can make at any large super market.

In-shower exfoliator

An in-shower exfoliator is perfect to gently massage the skin, this works because of the micro-beads that are in the cleanser itself. Try using one that is gentle like the Burt’s Bees Radiance exfoliating body wash.

Note: An in shower body exfoliator alone will now allow for complete exfoliation. This process must follow dry brushing if you want to reach an end result as airbrushed as Lively’s legs.


Ahhh… the humble loofah.  A shower would not be complete without said beauty tool. This spongy ball of goodness is perfect for days when you are not dry brushing. It is also a prerequisite to your in-shower mild exfoliator. It helps your product foam and spread best.


It’s really important that once you depart the shower, after the first steps have been completed (dry brushing, in shower cleansing) that you re-hydrate your skin. Your pores will be open and unclogged due to the removal of skin cells, if you don’t do this your risk chapped legs once your pins come into contact with brisk wind. Wind burn on legs? Not so hot. Use a relaxing body moisturiser like the Garnier 7 day hydration lotion. This will instantly make your skin feel fresh and oh-so-smooth. Lucky you!

Cellulite Be Gone

On the days you are not dry brushing, you don’t need a moisturiser that is as thick and creamy as the one listed above. A lighter formulation will work better. It’s also a good time to use a formula that aids in the breakdown of cellulite. Try Nivea Body Goodbye Cellulite.

Fake Tan

From the images above it’s clear that Miss Lively has gorgeous sun kissed skin, which helps to achieve her contoured and trim legs. Having a healthy glow can make anyone look slimmer, it’s an optical illusion. Le Tan’s instant fast tan mousse is a great choice as it lasts a long time, the foam spreads easily and visibly, it dries fast with the help of some quick blow drying (personal tip), and it has a beautiful rich yet natural finish. Definitely one of my favourites.


Lastly it’s a personal decision which hair removal system works best for you, (many gals prefer to shave as it stops in-grown hairs from developing), but if you’re up for some initial pain to begin with, epilating is a great option. The first time you use an epilator it will hurt a little (okay, a lot!), but eventually there will be next to no sensation at all! It’s like you’ve traumatised the hair follicle so much that it won’t feel anything again! The perk is that your hair will grow back finer and less dense.

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