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Makeup Tips: Get Charli XCX Beauty Look

charli xcx beauty look for fancy

Most people know Charli XCX as Iggy Azalea’s right hand woman – she’s the curly brunette with the killer vocals in Fancy. And I was the same until about 3 weeks ago, that’s until I decided to do a little more research because I couldn’t get her voice out of my head.

Here’s what I dug up: she’s really used to making other people famous and is well known within the entertainment industry for writing amazing lyrics for other artists. You know that annoyingly catchy song I Love It by Icona Pop? She wrote it and is even featured singing throughout it. She’s also supported Cold Play and Santigold on their previous tours.

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It’s only now that she’s in the limelight due to the rising stardom of her bud Iggy Azalea. This is great in my opinion, because if a high level of exposure is what it takes to get this girl noticed, I’m fine with it.

I love Charli XCX’s hit Boom Clap for the recent movie The Fault In Our Stars. It shows off her signature flair that everyone is growing to love – without her hiding behind someone else.

Mark my words, we’re going to be seeing much more of this girl!

If you want to get Charli’s go-to makeup look, follow these easy steps and hunt down my beauty recommendations. I’ve based this look off the video clip Boom Clap. Watch it below.

Get Charli XCX’s Beauty Look



1. Charli XCX always has a curly mane. She loves her wild crazy volume. To replicate her hair you need to use a hair tool that’s really innovative, it’s Thredlox by Savoir Flaire. Basically you weave your hair through a plastic ruler shaped stick. Once your hair is threaded all the way down, you clamp the section with your GHD to create beautiful mermaid tresses that really can’t be produced any other way. Each ruler is only $29.95, you only need one (although it’s quicker with a few).


2. Now that you have her chaotic curls, you want to add crazy volume. Sprinkle a little bit of Moosehead’s Demon Dust ($8.50) into the root zone of your scalp. Massage in with your fingers until the dust texturises the hair and gives your strands amazing lift. I love texturising powdered – they really do make such a difference. No one want’s flat hair.


3. To set your style, spray all over with Tony & Guy’s Casual Rough Texturising Spray ($15.95). It acts like a regular hairspray by setting your style, but it also adds extra grit to your strands all the way down the hair shaft, not just at the roots. You can now shape you hair into a sexy side part with maximum volume and attitude. Meow!



1. If you look closely you’ll see that Charli XCX doesn’t were super heavy foundation. It’s also neither matte or dewy in texture. Because of this I’d suggest opting for a natural finish and wear a BB cream with great coverage. Maybelline’s Dream Pure BB Cream ($15.95) hydrates with vitamins A & E and also has two per cent salicylic acid to stop hormonal skin from breaking out. Blend this BB onto the larger planes of your face.


2. Charli XCX loves to wear red lipstick – like all of the time. To copy her cherry red lips, take Maybelline’s new Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick in number 5 ($16.95) and coat both your upper and bottom lip twice.


3. She also always has statement eyebrows. Keep your arches as naturally thick as possible and highlight them with a little bit of tinted brow pigment. I love Blinc cosmetics eyebrow mousse ($35.95) because it’s not too heavy, the colour is buildable and the spoolie (like brush on the end of the wand) helps to neaten and set bushier brows.


4. You now need to make your eyelids the prettiest pink shade. In Boom Clap, Charli XCX is wearing a soft baby pink eyeshadow. I often wear YSL’s Ombre Solo Eyeshadow in Parisienne Pink. It has a slight shimmer, but also looks very natural, like a flirty flush, $52.


5. Next, you want to smudge your bottom lash line with a brown pencil. Please don’t attempt this with a long wear eyeliner, it’ll literally tug at the delicate skin around your eye and make it red as you apply it. Use a khol pencil, they are designed to blend and smudge because they have a much creamier texture. I like Bourjois Khol and Contour Pencils. For this look purchase the colour ‘Noir Expert’. These pencils are also really affordable at only $16, and they work very well. The French get most things right! Draw a line underneath your bottom lashes and smudge with your index finger.


6. Lastly, coat your top and bottom lashes with Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara, it’s only $4.95 from Target and Priceline. It does such an amazing job at quickly giving you thick, evenly dispersed lashes. You’ll be shocked at how good this mascara is, especially because it’s so cheap.



1. Charli XCX often pairs her red lips back to red nails. I love Scout Cosmetics 5 free nail polishes because they don’t have any nasties like formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor or parabens. They’re also not tested on animals, a big win for me! For this look go for ‘Don’t Lose My Number’, it’s a gorgeous cherry red that’s uber glossy, $19.95.