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3 Reasons You Should Start Embracing Your Freckles & Wear Them With Confidence – Pst! It’s Very Farshun!


For a long time, freckles have been given a very bad name.

They have been considered ugly, and a problem that we should conceal. Perhaps you were even called a ‘freckle face’ throughout school?

Whether you have a sprinkle of these spots across the ridge of your nose, or a face full of them – I have some very good news for you. They are coming back in a very big way.

downloadOver the past 12 months there has been a growing momentum towards embracing freckles. Why? Simply, they are actually a great indicator of youth, freckles can make us look younger. This is something I learnt at M.A.C’s SS15 Trends presentation last year.

I know how strange it feels to wrap your mind around the fact that freckles are actually a positive and a sign of youthfulness. Especially after we’ve been smearing our faces with concealer for eons just to hide them from the world – and in doing so making ourselves look older due to the heavy makeup. Eek!

Someone who recently showed off a face covered in freckles gifted from the Aussie sun is singer Ricki Lee Coulter. Posting a honeymoon snap on Instagram ‘makeup free’ the star wrote ‘When I was a little girl I hated my freckles but one day my Pop told me they were just a whole lot of beauty spots & that girls with freckles are special. Now I love them!’


This brave move by Ricki inspired so many girls. Many of them even commented that it had made their day. Here’s some of their heart warming comments:

‘I feel that freckles are absolutely beautiful and wish I had more. X’ – 

‘I needed this today..my freckles are my biggest insecurity <3’ – 

‘I have freckles and I never cover them up. You look beautiful!’ –

‘I used to hate my freckles too. Now they are one of my most favorite things about me.’ – 

‘Anyone that thinks freckles are ugly doesn’t know what beautiful is.’ – 

brow-pencils-39901I also have freckles across the ridge of my nose and even a few on my lips! I don’t want to be irresponsible and tell you to go out and collect a few more for your face, because being sun safe in paramount and super important. I wear SPF50+ every day. But – if you have collected a few throughout your life it’s now the perfect time to embrace them.

I’ve started wearing just a light layer of BB or CC cream and I don’t conceal freckles now, only blemishes. One great aspect of embracing your freckles is not only the confidence you will feel but the fact you won’t have to wear as much makeup anymore! You can opt for the dewy, light-weight, luminous kind.

My last and final reason why you should start showing off your freckles is that it’s now extremely fashionable. Below I’ve curated some of my favourite backstage beauty looks from  SS15 runways that have the models either showing off their natural freckles, or in the case of Preen – makeup artists have actually applied them to models faces with an array of brown pencils (like the above selection of Brow Pencils by Bobbi Brown, $38) to give a youthful look! Love it.


  • Freckles actually make you look younger
  • When you start embracing your freckles, you can wear less makeup
  • Freckles are having a moment – they are very ‘farshun’

Do you have freckles? Do you embrace or conceal them? Let me know your freckly thoughts below!

SS x