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Going Past Your Makeup Use-By Date Could Be The Reason Behind Your Stubborn Blemishes


There are many reasons why us girls break out in blemishes:

1) bad diet

2) poor sleep

3) lack of exercise

4) poor hygiene (not cleaning your face properly)

5) not washing your pillow slip regularly

6) hormones

ew michelle wilsonSo we know that acne has a lot to do with hormones (something we unfortunately can’t control!) but if you really want to eliminate annoying blemishes (the unnecessary ones) – it’s time to make sure you have correct makeup hygiene as well – and this doesn’t just mean keeping your makeup brushes clean – although this definitely does help!

Just like drinking milk a week past its use-by date will give you stomach cramps (or much worse), using makeup that has expired is sure to have adverse reactions – at best giving you acne, at worse eye infections.


The best course of action to avoid using makeup past its use-by date is to note down in your phone when you first broke the seal of a product. For instance if you buy a mascara in January, put an alert for the 1st of April that it’s time to dispose of it.

I’ll explain below why some products have a shorter life span than others and the exact length of time you should own any makeup product.

Lifespan of makeup



3 months

Mascara tubes are a fantastic breeding ground for bacteria as everyday germs are pumped back into the bottle from your eye and grow fast due to the warm wet conditions inside.

I know it’s annoying to throw away pricy mascaras, but really, who wants pinkeye with a side of glitter?


6 months – 1 year

This one depends on what kind of bottle your foundation comes in. If it comes in a pump bottle you’re safe to keep it for a year because your fingers aren’t coming in direct contact with the fluid inside the bottle.

However, if your have to pour the foundation onto your hand and are making direct contact with the rim of the bottle and its contents, you’ve only got 6 months before it becomes too contaminated with germs which will lead to very bad skin. Read: acne minefields on your cheeks. Not so hot.



12-18 months

If your concealer comes in a pump liquid bottle, you have up to a year (same policy as foundations in pump bottles).

If however, it comes as a wind-up stick, or set in a tray on a palette, you have 18 months. I think this comes down to the thicker consistency. It’s harder for bacteria to breed on more dense beauty products. Germs prefer wet conditions.

Powder / Blush / Bronzer

18 months

Powders last a lot longer than other makeup formulations. This comes down to the fact that they aren’t wet. Still keep an open eye for change in smell or colour.

Cream Blush


12-18 months

Same policy as wind-up concealer sticks. The thicker consistency of a cream blush means you have more time to play with it then say a wet cheek tint that breeds bacteria quicker.

If you want to keep these kinds of products (concealers and cream blushes) for even longer, try apply the product straight from the pan with a clean makeup brush. As soon as you use your fingers you bring the lifespan of the product down.



6-18 months

An eyeshadows expiry date is really dependant on whether it’s a powder or cream formulation. If it’s a cream pot I’d say only six months because it’s in direct contact with your eye. If it’s a powder you’re more safe.

In both cases I’d recommend using makeup brushes as to avoid placing eye bacteria into any of the pots. You’ll get a longer lifespan from your eyeshadows this way.


12 months

You can keep your pencil eyeliners for up to 12 months if you regularly sharper the tips to remove eye bacteria. If you don’t, I’d only suggest keeping them for 3 months.

Liquid Eyeliner

3 months

Liquid eyeliner has the same rules as mascara because pigment is transferred from your eye back into a little warm pot of ink. Perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Lipstick / Lipgloss / Lipliner


12 months – 18 months

These are pretty safe to use up to 18 months. I’d probably only keep lip glosses, lip balms and lipliners for 1 year though. If you suffer from cold sores I’d even say 6 months. And never share with your friends. (Only share powder products with your friends to avoid contracting bacteria.)

Nail Polish

1 year – 18 months

Nail polish is fine to keep for up to 18 months. Again be careful who you share nail polish with because if they have nail infections/fungus (and sometimes they can be disguised really well!) you WILL catch this from sharing your pretty nail polish collection. Don’t risk it.

Nail polishes tend to split after longer then 18 months anyway so it’s time to chuck those.

Makeup Sponges 


Clean after each use and dispose after a month

Makeup sponges are the quickest way to give yourself unnecessary acne – that’s if you don’t clean them properly.

Promise yourself to wash your sponges after every use. If you can’t be bothered doing this, buy pump bottle foundation and concealer instead and warm the foundation into your face with your fingertips instead.

I know Beauty Blenders are majorly popular right now, but use them responsibly. It’s the condition of your skin at the end of the day?

How long do you keep some of your makeup for? Have you ever experienced a bad reaction from old makeup? Have you ever visibly seen you makeup change in appearance or smell different? 

SS x