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HOW TO: 4 Ways To Wear White Eyeliner Thanks To Fashion Week S/S 14’15 Runway Beauty


Wow wee – hasn’t the last couple of weeks been jammed packed with inspiration – what with the back-to-back fashion weeks in cities New York, London, Milan and now Paris.

Each evening I’ve come home to trawl through all of the latest designer collections, casting my eye over not just the fashion trends, but what will become big in beauty.

What I noticed most was that there was a shift from the popular black cat eye flick, to the use of white eyeliner drawn onto the lids in fun more interesting ways.

Makeup artists used white gel, liquid, crayon and pencil liners to achieve their desired looks – and I loved them all.

Here are the four hottest ways to wear white eyeliner this Spring / Summer!

Bottom & Top Lashes Were Lined At Nanette Lepore


To achieve this fresh and modern eye look, you’ll need a white liquid eyeliner so that your outer flick is clean and sharp.

I recommend Savvy By DB’s Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner in White Dove, $7.99. To get the look, simply run the white eyeliner across your upper lash line (as you would if you were using black) and flick outwards, stopping when the length of the flick matches the length of your eyebrow.

Line underneath your lower lashes as well. Finish the white stroke exactly when the top line had stopped.

If your eyeliner isn’t as opaque as the image above, do a second coat allowing each layer to dry in between.

Creamy White Tear Ducts At David Korma


David Korma brightened up his models eyes by placing a little bit of white eye crayon in the inner most corner of their peepers.

I Love NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, $9.95. The pigment is a pristine white that looks very natural and not at all stark. The creamy nature of a crayon means that you can easily draw a little bit of colour into the tear ducts of your eyes without bothering the sensitive skin too much. We wan’t clear glistening eyes after all – not red and teary!

Once you’ve drawn the white crayon into the corners, make sure to blend it in with either a clean index finger (if you prefer using your hands) or a fresh makeup brush with uber soft bristles.

Cubism Strikes Back At Michael Van Der Ham


This look is for brave trend setters who want to be ahead of the curve. I loved this look at Michael Van Der Ham – it was futuristic and fun!

To pull this tricky eye look off you’ll need a liquid liner pen with rich pigment. You really can’t go past Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner in Snow White, $26.

The pen has a long pointy foam tip allowing you to draw neat lines, and in this case, shapes. Because the formula is long wear and waterproof you won’t have to stress about your trendy square becoming a blurry smudge come midday.

I recommend giving your square two coats, allowing the first layer to dry properly. Make sure you align the square so that it is directly above the iris of your eye – you need symmetry to pull this one off ladies. Also, make sure your square sits under your eyelids natural crease, otherwise you’ll lose its sharp definition and it will become lost.

Chalky White Cut-Crease At Yoana Baraschi


Saving the best for last, this was (in my humble opinion) the most stellar makeup look that featured white eyeliner. Yoana Baraschi chose to define the cut-crease of the natural eye socket leaving the rest of the lid natural and bare.

It was a really cool twist on the iconic Twiggy eyes of the 60’s. The fresh white colour will look stunning on a warm summers day at a beach side bar.

I suggest using Lime Crime’s Liquid Eyeliner in Lunar Sea (cute name LC!), $14. Neatly draw (with the enclosed tiny bristled brush) across from the upper corner of your eye, up and across your eyelid crease, flicking out at the end. Check that your flick lines up with the end of your eyebrow – never go past this point.

Word to the wise – to master this look, patiently sketch how you’d like the liner to look with the teeniest amount of liquid liner and slowly build up to a thicker fuller coloured line once you love the original sketch. Make sure to leave each coat of pigment to dry in between.

Will you be giving this look a go?

SS x