July 21, 2015 0 Comments Makeup

How To Achieve The Most Flattering Eyebrow Shape For Your Face


There’s one standout feature on your face that can make or break your look – and that’s your eyebrows.

You can get your lip colour wrong (think tangerine lipstick on fair skin), or sport smudged eyeliner from last nights escapades and all of this can be forgiven if you have perfectly maintained eyebrows that suit your face.

Why? Because having the right eyebrow shape is crucial to achieving visual facial symmetry. Yes, the saying still stands true ‘your eyebrows are sisters not twins’, but now with a whole hoard of eyebrow perfecting products we really can achieve a more symmetrical finish that will give others serious brow envy.

miranda-kerr-mnkA groundbreaking study was conducted in 2008 by American science journalist Jena Pincott that revealed that we are subconsciously attracted to symmetrical faces (meaning one side of your face is the exact mirror image of the other). This is why models like Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr are often thought of as ‘beautiful’ by the masses because their faces are visually symmetrical.

If you often find yourself stuck when trying to decide where your eyebrow should start or finish, how to make sure both eyebrows look the same, or how thick your brows should be for your face, watch this quick video by QVS and UBU below that’s filled with interesting tips that will guide you in future shaping sessions.

I’ve also included 5 fantastic sets of eyebrows proudly owned by todays most glamorous celebrities and blogger elite below – two of which are Aussie girls that are famous for their arches.


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