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How To Apply False Eyelashes: A Sexy Evening Makeup Look (Photo Tutorial)


Sexy evening makeup, in my humble opinion, all comes down to three things. 1) large voluminous lashes, 2) smokey brown eyeshadow and 3) glossy red lips to accentuate your pout!

In the above photo tutorial I used the amazing falsies by MODELROCK Lashes. This brand is known for using real human hair (creepy – but they look so much more natural and way more enviable than the faux kind). This particular pair are called ‘Drama Hollywood‘ and I have to say, I did feel like I was a part of the Kardashian Klan – yes, I spelt clan with a K!

Read on to see how I achieved this look in under 20 minutes. I’ve included what tricks I used along the way to make applying fake lashes – even the largest feathery kind – easy breezy! All of the products I used, and where you can get them, are also below.

Enjoy gorgeous girls. Make sure to let me know what you think below!


Step 1: Start with a clean base and apply your everyday foundation. I’m currently loving Natio’s Inviable Blend Foundation, $19.95. It glides on seamlessly when using a makeup brush and has a very flattering natural look that isn’t too heavy.


Step 2: Time to pick up a smokey brown eyeshadow. I’m in love with CK One Colour’s Powder Eyeshadow in Driven, $30. It’s a beautiful charcoal brown that has stunning gold light reflecting particles. This shadow is extremely pigmented so you only need to apply the smallest amount and then blend upwards to create a standout smokey eye.


Step 3: I used Bobbi Brown’s Eye Smudge Brush, $48, to sweep the pigment on. To blend the pigment out, I switched to Bobbi Brown’s Eye Sweep Brush which has larger more feathery bristles that allow you to evenly blend the colour to make it seem consistant. It also allows you to create the stunning gradient colour that smokey eyes are known for (dark shadow at the eyelash base, lighter colour towards the brow bone).

Step 4: Everyone knows now that I’m in awe of Benefit’s They’re Real Gel Push Up Liner, $35. The reason I love it so much is because it creates a winged eye so fast, but uses the most long wear, darked matte-black gel to create the flick. It’s a must have! Draw a neat line from the inner corner of your eyes then across your lash line. Finally, flick the wing up slightly so that it’s aligned with the end of your eyebrow.

Step 5: It’s now onto those glossy red smackers! No man can resist sexy red lips. For this look, I wanted a deep cherry red tone that had maximum gloss factor but with a pigment that was rich – a characrteristic you’d normally find with matte lipstick. Luckily I knew that Sisley Paris stocks their phenomenal Phyto-Lip Twist jumbo crayon, $50.This crayon not only comes in a flamboyant zebra print tube (so fab!), but it’s formula offers a hydrating pop of colour that feels as good as it looks. I applied two coats for maximum impact.

Step 6: Time to grab those falsies – the key piece to this whole look. I choose the very vampy Drama Hollywood, $11.95 (which, by the way, are great stage lashes for any girls who need large falsies that sit comfortable for performances. You don’t necessarily need to be doing a performance though to wear these! If you’re going out at night for cocktails and know the lighting is going to be pretty dim, these will really help to make your eyes pop!) I applied mine with a pair of eyelash tweezers, don’t attempt to put them on without, you will get cranky at yourself from failed attempts! I always apply my lash glue first, then I wait about 4 minutes for the glue to semi dry and become tacky, then I place them as close to my natural eyelash roots as possible. With this trick, they will always stick straight away. It’s all in the timing my friends! Just like baking a cake!

Step 7: Take Bobbi Brown’s Angled Eyeshadow Brush and sweep a little bit of the CK One Powder Eyeshadow in Driven under your lower lash line. This will bring the look together. I always leave this till after I’ve applied my lashes, because if you do it before, it’s more likely that you’ll create smudges when attempting to place your lashes on. We’re creating smokey eyes, not smudgy eyes after all!

Step 8: Lastly. you can’t have super large lashes on top and neglect your bottom natural lashes. Take The Balms’s Body Builder Mascara, $19, and coat each individual lash. The formula consists of Vitamin E, Panthenol and Bamboo so you will have incredibly long lashes that are being strengthened every time you wear it. Your bottom lashes will look larger and spindly, but perfectly proportioned when underneath your large MODELROCK Lashes.

And that’s it! I love this sexy look. Is this a makeup style you’re going to try out? What do you think of the long lashes and red lip combo? Let me know below beauties.

SS x