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How to contour your face like Kim Kardashian and enhance facial features using makeup brushes


Contouring done right comes largely down to these few things:

1. Having the right cream and powder contour shades

2. Knowing where to place shadows in a flattering way

3. Blending to a natural finish. Key word – natural!

4. Having the right brushes to achieve all of the above.

Gosh – if Kim Kardashian didn’t have a dedicated ‘glam squad’ I’m sure she would also slip up occasionally when trying to achieving her most covetable beauty look.

Before Kim posted the above ‘pre-blend contour selfie’ on her Instagram us girls played with light and shadow by placing sparkly bronzer and illuminators on our faces – and frequently in the wrong areas. We pretty much looked like living and breathing disco balls.


If you’re new to contouring and want to know the basics on how to create subtle shadows (nothing too tricky like Kim’s war paint), this video by QVS and UBU is perfect as a quick demonstration.

Throughout the video you will see some of QVS’s most popular makeup brushes used that really help to blend out any of your contouring powders and creams.


– QVS Foundation Brush – $11.99 available from Target

– QVS Kabuki Brush $15.49 – available from Target

– QVS Angled Blusher Brush – $8.49 available from Target

– QVS Bronzer Brush $15.79 – available from Target

Do you regularly contour? What products do you use to create shadow? What areas of your face to you most often contour? What brushes do you use the most?

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