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How To Look Naturally Beautiful: 5 Tips To Mastering The Tricky ‘No-Makeup-Makeup-Look’ Just Like Gorgeous Camilla Belle


Achieving the barely-there makeup trend is hard. Let’s be real.

It can either look overdone and cakey thanks to layering too many products to create ‘perfect skin’, or not done enough (none of your gorgeous features are popping!).

If this sounds like a problem you’ve encountered, here’s how to ace the ‘no-makeup-makeup-look‘ with flying colours just like the forever stunning Camilla Belle (above) who recently sported this style at the 24th Annual CGM Women In Entertainment Breakfast in LA.

Here my 5 tips to mastering one of the trickiest makeup looks to get right! It will quickly become your daily go-to.

1. Start with great skin


The trick to achieving natural beauty is to already start with great skin. You want a base that doesn’t have to be manipulated too much.

For this reason start drinking more water, eat a well balanced diet with plenty of antioxidants, get your 8+ hours of sleep, stop worrying and start having fun (yes, stress makes skin misbehave and look dull) and invest in a quality skincare regime.

A tried, tested and true option is Clinique’s 3 Step Skincare System that includes a mild liquid facial soap, a clarifying lotion (toner) and a moisturising lotion. Use morning and night for best results.

Shop it: Clinique 3 Step Skin System

2. Wear a light-weight coverage

natio tinted moisturiser spf50

For natural looking makeup, avoid heavy foundations that are described as ‘full coverage’ and opt for something, light, dewy and hydrating for everyday wear.

I often choose a tinted moisturiser or BB cream with in-built SPF. The formulation will feed your skin with hydration and appear featherlight on the skin – almost like wearing nothing at all while still covering imperfections.

Secondly, make sure the colour you choose is correct. Even though the formula is light and natural-looking, if the colour is too dark you will still appear to be wearing too much foundation.

I like: Natio Tinted Moisturiser with SPF50+, $18.95

3. Buy cream products and avoid sparkle

charlotte tilbury beach stick in formentera

Apply a cream blush to your cheeks and blend up to your temples for a natural looking flush.

Cream products melt and blend into the skin more seamlessly than powders giving a real-skin finish.

Also, even though strobing, highlighting and illuminating the cheek bones is very ‘in’ right now, it rarely offers a natural finish. This is due to the fact they contain lots of shimmer and sparkle. Choose cream blushes with no added shimmer for a more authentic flush without looking overdone.

I like: Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Formentera, $55.

4. Brown is in, black is out


When it comes to lengthening your lashes and opening up your eyes, choose a brown mascara over black, especially if you’re blonde. Black mascaras can appear too stark and harsh and not at all natural.

Apply a coat to your upper lashes only and leave it at that. The chunkier and clumpier the lashes, the less real they will look.

I like: YSL Volume Effect Baby Doll Mascara in brown, $55

5. Choose the right lip shade


Lastly, when it comes to beautiful kissable lips, choose a creamy matte lipstick without shimmer in a tone one shade darker than your natural hue.

If you look at the above image of Camilla Belle, her makeup artist has totally nailed this and it makes her look completely beautiful in a very natural way.

Just like how you can ask to have your foundation matched to your skin tone at a beauty counter, you can ask for the same help in regards to a natural lipstick.

Make sure when you head in you’re not wearing any lip colour aside from a little bit of clear ointment. This will help anyone on a makeup counter quickly pick your correct shade without getting it wrong!

That’s it! Do you love natural-looking beauty? Do you have a girl crush on Camilla Belle? Tell me below!

SS x