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How To: Wear Coloured Mascara And Not Look Like You’re From The 1980s

4266e51606e53956fecf7450b8a8b164 If you’ve ever felt like playing with coloured mascara to add a fun-factor to your look – there’s never been a better time than now.

Summer not only brings bright, bold and eclectic fashion trends, but also more daring makeup looks.

The only problem with bright makeup is that is can quickly lean into 80’s territory and not look modern or trend-setting at all.

If you’re a bit nervous to start coating your lashes with vibrant coloured mascara, here are 7 key tips to master the trend so you won’t become a beauty-victim.

Cara Delevingne pulled it off, so you’ll be able to too!

Coloured mascara that I recommend?

I’m a big fan of Benefit Cosmetic’s They’re Real Coloured Mascara range. With blue, purple and green pigments to choose from, there’s something for every eye colour.

What I love most about this range is that the formulation is exactly the same as the cult, best-selling They’re Real traditional black mascara, so you’ll be getting vibrant opaque pigment as well as full, thick and long lashes.

Benefit They're Real Beyond Blue Mascara

Shop it: Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Beyond Blue, $38

1. Pick a colour that will bring out your natural eye shade

Just like how some eyeshadows suit different eye colours better, the same goes with coloured mascara. A general rule of thumb; purple shades suit brown and green eyes, blue and yellow-based shades look great with blue eyes, and green shades work well with hazel eyes.

2. Complement your coloured mascara with eyeshadow


When picking an eyeshadow to go with your coloured mascara, choose one that complements it. I would avoid pairing the same coloured eyeshadow with your mascara as this will look matchy-matchy. Choose a shade opposite to the mascara you are wearing. For instance, if you’re wearing blue mascara, a peachy pink eyeshadow buffed out would look gorgeous. Also, keep in mind that simple is often best, so a smear of creamy coloured neutral eyeshadow will work a treat with any coloured mascara.

3. Don’t over do it with eyeliner

Again simple is best. Let your loud and bright eyelashes take centre stage. If you really must have a winged eye, keep it to the more thin and subtle side with no flick at the end.

4. Pack on coloured mascara for maximum impact

If you’ve even decided to use coloured mascara, you want it to be as standout and vibrant as possible! Try three coats of mascara to build up to an opaque shade.

5. Try colouring just the tips of your lashes


For something a little alternative and fun, try tinting just the tips of your upper eyelashes. You’ll recieve a lot of compliments and questions as to how you achieved it! Blue and purple shades often work best for this look.

6. See what coating just your bottom lashes looks like

Another trend to try is coating either just the top of bottom eyelashes with the coloured pigment.

7. Keep the rest of your makeup simple


Because coloured mascara is a statement within itself, don’t wear a bold lip or go overboard with crazy contouring or OTT highlighting. Use the image of Cara above as a reference as to how to keep the rest of our festures quite subdued and minimal for a less-is-more result.

That’s it beauty aficionados! Do you ever wear coloured mascara? What brands do you like? How do you wear yours? Let me know below!

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