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If you love Lancôme’s Miracle Foundation Cushion, You’ll Want To Know About Their Soon-To-Be-Released CC Primer Miracle Cushions!


Correcting skin tone with green, purple and apricot coloured concealers has been a thing for a while – makeup artists have been using these shades to hide dark circles and red blemishes for eons.

However, colour-correcting has only just exploded into our ‘getting-ready-at-home’ makeup routine recently thanks to YouTubers demonstrating how to clown-contour, with some even placing peachy-red coloured lipstick on top of their dark circles before layering on a fleshy-toned foundation. These videos prove how apricot shades can completely neutralise any existing darkness.

With colour-correcting exploding into the mainstream, as well as the huge international trend of foundation cushions popping up from every beauty brand after Lancôme’s revolutionary Miracle Foundation Cushion last year – the French powerhouse have brought together the two trends. So genius.

Say hello to Lancôme’s new range of Colour Correcting Miracle Cushion Primers to help even out skin tone.


The CC cushions are available in four shades, and they easily conceal and correct any imperfections. The texture promises to be very lightweight (like the original miracle foundation cushion) but with intense vibrant pigments so you can easily achieve a weightless coverage with a full colour correction.

Interestingly, the range doesn’t just fix any colour imperfections (like reducing the redness of sore-looking blemishes and green-tones of dark circles), they also contain pine extract which helps to even out skin tone, and glycerin to improve overall hydration – smart!



The 4 shades will come in:

  • 01 Green – neutralise redness
  • 02 Yellow – removes signs of fatigue, redness and corrects imperfections. Suitable for any skin type.
  • 03 Pinky Peach – conceals dark spots and dark circles
  • 04 Purple – refreshes dull skin

Lancôme’s CC Miracle Primer Cushions are now available at (US) retailing for $39.50, but are yet to launch in Australia. I’ll keep you posted!

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