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Makeup To Match Your Star Sign & Colorology

green eyeshadowIf I asked you to choose from yellow, pink or sky blue, which would you choose? I bet you would all pick something completely different, because what I’m asking you to do is something entirely subjective. Lately I’ve been doing a little bit of research into how colours effect the ebb and flow of our emotions.

I learnt so much about how cool tones can refresh us, and which shades perk us up and give that much needed energy boost to get us through the day. This is no headlining news though – it’s long been known that painting a room a soothing cream will help to allow an openness of mind, while a fiery red will sadly drain much of your energy, even after that piping hot morning espresso.

I took my research a step further, I realised that some colours affect others differently… why should that be I puzzled? The conclusion of my ‘colour findings’ was that alternate astrological signs take to colour groups uniquely. This doesn’t shock me at all; personalities are as diverse as singular colours in the rainbow. We all have a friend that loves hot pink leopard print, while another would prefer minimal art deco.

jumbo lip crayons

Below I have detailed which colours make certain star signs the happiest. Because wearing your colour would also reinforce this positive mood, I’ve collected some lust-worthy beauty prodzies to match.

Don’t worry though, if you’re a Gemini and the colour that makes you happiest is yellow, I haven’t included any hard-to-wear eye shadows in that tone, think more along the lines of cool nail colours to make this super accessible for everyone.

Enjoy! Scroll down to find your star sign…

maybelline color tattoo purple

Aries: Fiery Aries need a touch of royal purple in their lives. Red is the colour of Mars – Aries’ ruling planet. Mix hot red with cool blue and you get purple, hence the colour’s association with Aries as it symbolically tames the wilder excesses that people born under the sign can fall into. Try Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Painted Purple.

nyx green eyeliner

Taurus: Think of earthy Taureans and you’d put them with greens as this has such a strong association with nature. Green the colour of the heart chakra – can give huge hearted Taureans a feeling of peace and the security that brings out the best in them. NYX Retractable Eyeliner in Aqua Green is perfect!

miss shop yellow nail polish

Gemini: Geminis work well with yellow as it is the colour of intellect and mental activity – but this recommendation comes with a warning!  Too much yellow can send a mentally agile Gemini into hyperspace. With this disclaimer in mind, opt for a splash of yellow on the nails. Give Miss Shop’s Neon Yellow a go!


Cancer: Sensitive Cancerians are water signs that are ruled by the moon.  They do best with colours that either echo lovely lustrous lunar hues – such as white and cream. Buy M.A.C’s Strobe Cream for perfect highlights.

bobbi brown in atomic orange

Leo: No prizes for guessing that sunny Leos beam in yellow and oranges.  Yellow’s association with the solar plexus chakra and the ego makes it a bold choice for this fearless sign.  On the other hand, orange represents the sensuality and passion. I love Bobbi Brown’s Atomic Orange Lipstick.


Virgo: Virgos are known for being just a tad traditional and do well with traditional colours, such as navy blue and forest green. Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara in Navy will not only makes lashes full and luscious, but the blue pigmentation helps the white around your eyes seem even brighter.

smashbox lip enchancing gloss

Libra: Lovely Librans resonate with the pale pinks and greens associated with the heart chakra.  Ruled by Venus, they need to feel emotionally balanced to be at their very best and these colours will help them dissolve any negativity away. Create a plumped up pout with Smashbox lip Enhancing Gloss in Pout.


Scorpio: Scorpios need to learn to take life more lightly and experimenting with brighter colours, such as yellow or gold, can really lift their mood. Dust your lids with Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eyeshadow in Pot Of Gold.

mac lip pencil in shock value

Sagittarius: Outgoing Sagittarians thrive in bright pinks, electric blues, violets and bronze, all colours associated with the heart, throat and third eye chakra. A bright, hot pink lip pencil, like this one by M.A.C, will last the distance but also have you causing a stir. For best results, completely draw in your lips for a stand out look.


Capricorn: Capricorns are strong enough to carry off brown, charcoal and gray – colours that might be dull when worn or used by anyone else. My pick would be Natio’s Define Eye Pencil in Grey.


Aquarius: Aquarians should adorn themselves and their homes with silvers, bright blues and turquoise as these colours not only lift the mood but add a sense of glitz to their lives. Here we have Nuxe’s Golden Dry Oil. I recommend a subtle dab around the upper cheekbones and arch of the eyebrow for an extremely dewy, flattering look.

shiseido lilac luster

Pisces: Pisceans can be proper little ladies of the lake and will suit lilacs, sea greens, mauves and aquamarines. My pick? Go for this devastatingly gorgeous lilac by Shiseido and paint the town purple.