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Prime Time Of Your Life: The Best Makeup Primers

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Priming your skin before applying foundation is essential. I really can’t underline this point enough. It’s just as important as  prepping a piping hot pan with butter before you pour pancake batter onto it. Even the most health conscious, green juice cleansing femme bots wouldn’t skimp on that step! To not prime really is a crime.

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When foundation is applied straight to naked skin bad things happen. 1) The foundation you applied in the morning will slide all over your face throughout the day. You will look like an oily mess because it had nothing to adhere to. 2) Because your pores are not protected with a base, your foundation will seep into your upper derma causing future breakouts. 3) The skin surface is not evened out, meaning your skin will appear lumpy and uneven in texture and tone.

There are plenty of other reasons as well (if I really wanted to get into the nitty gritty of why priming is important), but why concentrate on them when we have more positive exciting things to think about! Like what? Like the 8 BEST primers you could possibly buy to always look fresh and flawless! Duh!

These primers have been on high rotation on my beauty desk for some time, and I love them all for different reasons. Right now is the prime time of your life. Don’t forget to embrace this important beauty step. I hope this Daft Punk classic inspires you as you read my reviews and pick out your next primer based on my recommendations.

Bourjois Paris Flower Perfection Translucent Smoothing Primer


Price: $24

Texture: Like a cloud made from powdery pillows (try it yourself – you’ll start to agree with me instead of thinking I’m crazy!)

Longevity: This primer will make your makeup last all day. The best part? A tiny little bit goes a long way.

How it made my skin feel: Very matte thanks to its powdery finish.

Extra perks: Smells like a field of flowers – literally!

Shu Uemura TSUYA Mousse


Price: $49

Texture: Shake the tin like a graffiti artist, the mousse will come out light and foamy and expand in front of your eyes. The foam is a sheer skin tone pigment that drys really quickly but covers a huge space with the teeniest amount.

Longevity: This primer, with built in uv protecter, will last mainly just for your day light hours. It doesn’t have a matte finish so it still leaves your skin dewy – which is great if that’s a look you covet!

How it made my skin feel: Very hydrated and well looked after. You also feel happy knowing your base has a sun protectant.

Extra perks: My can was produced during the limited edition Karl Lagerfeld collaboration, it had the cutest illustrations all over it. Beyond amazing.

NP Set Brightening Pre-Foundation Primer


Price: $33

Texture: Comes out purple with very subtle light reflecting particles to brighten. It soon takes on the colour of your skin tone. It’s very rich and creamy so moisturises the skin and makes it feel hydrated.

Longevity: This is one of my all time favourite primers. For me, it makes my makeup stay in place all day. However, I do also finish my face off with a makeup setting spray if I’m going to an event, so this also helps make it last the distance.

How it made my skin feel: It actually makes your skin feel like there’s a veil over the top, without feeling too suffocated.

Extra perks: Your skin will also look luminous straight away! Woop!

Australis Matte Out Mattifying Face Base


Price: $13.95

Texture: Creamy like a lip balm that turns matte once applied.

Longevity: I wear this only on my T-zone where I produce oil throughout the day. This actually helps to reduce my icky shine factor substantially.

How it made my skin feel: Because this wind-up stick is quiet thick, you really don’t want to go overboard swiping it all over your face. If you do, you’ll feel very cakey.

Extra perks: It comes in a handbag friendly stick so you can take it wherever you go.

Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm


Price: $84

Texture: Light weight and refreshing. It quenches your skin fasters than a glass of bubbling Berocca.

Longevity: This illuminating flash balm is perfect to wear under your makeup if your want your skin to look awake and refreshed. I wouldn’t, however, choose this if you want something to make your makeup stay all day. I’d pick this if you want your face to look healthier and more radiant! If you prefer your makeup to look natural over flawless, you’ll adore this product.

How it made my skin feel: Super refreshed, as if I had a full 8 hours sleep.

Extra perks: Your skin will thank you for the vitamin packed ingredients including extracts of purple orchid (anti-ageing), acai to fix free-radical damage, noni extract for radiance and silk mica to smooth over imperfections.

L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream


Price: $26.95

Texture: Hydrating and light weight. Applies green but then changes colour to match your skin tone – such a smarty pants!

Longevity: All day. Because it hides redness as well, you won’t be just laying down a primer, you’ll make your foundation look even more flawless.

How it made my skin feel: It feels like a light weight foundation (because it is) but makes me feel more confident that my eventual foundation has the perfect canvas to be applied to.

Extra perks: If your skin is looking particularly good, you won’t even need to layer on top another foundation for coverage. This bad boy will fix all your skin woes.

Covergirl Simply Ageless Primer


Price: $24.95

Texture: A whipped white cream that the skin slurps up quickly. It also has a distinct Olay smell.

Longevity: It’ll last for the larger part of the day. This primer will help create a silky surface for your foundation to be easily spread over. I like to tap a little translucent powder on top of my foundation as well  to make it last even longer.

How it made my skin feel: Silky soft and ready for foundation!

Extra perks: It has inbuilt anti-ageing properties.

Skin Physics Pore Away Mattifying Base Primer


Price: $49

Texture: A clear cooling gel.

Longevity: All day! This primer is a fantastic clear veil for the skin. It also fills in any large pores so that the surface of your skin is even.

How it made my skin feel: Refreshed and hydrated. My skin could still breathe which is a great feeling.

Extra perks: It also fills any open pores, great for girls who might of once had problem acne and now have scarred uneven skin.

Let me know below what you normally wear or if you’ve tried any of these yourself.

SS x