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Product of the week: Bloom’s Luscious Lips Vanilla Aromatherapy Lip Balm

bloom lucious lips lip balm

With all of the lotions and potions that land on my desk, Bloom’s Luscious Lips Vanilla Aromatherapy Lip Balm took out my ‘Beauty Product Of The Week’ title with ease.

Natalie Bloom is famous for creating gorgeous natural makeup with equally divine packaging – what first drew me to this lip balm was the cute external box with a Picasso-inspired illustration of a girl with large cartoon lips.

Bloom Cosmetics lip balm

Tucked away inside the box was a glass jar filled with a delicate pastel pink salve which smelt of beautiful vanilla essential oil.

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After smearing this lip balm on my lips over the last few weeks I’ve become a true devotee. Everyone knows that the cooler change of autumn can dry out our smackers, but I haven’t had flaky, sore lips yet!

Because of this, Bloom’s Luscious Lips Vanilla Lip Balm has become an essential in my handbag, and I often have friends asking what I’m applying when I whip it because it smells and looks so gorgeous (and cute!).


The natural ingredients in this lip balm are castor and sunflower seed oil, shea and cocoa butter, Jojoba Oil and vitamin E and beeswax – all of which help to hydrate and lock in moisture for plump healthy lips.

You can pick up your own from Bloom Cosmetics online for $9.95.

Have you tried any products from Bloom Cosmetics before? Do you lean towards beauty products with gorgeous packaging like me?

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