August 4, 2014 3 Comments Makeup

Sandy/candy beauty… be mine?

This beauty look is as fresh as they come. Lilac lids? Yes please! Thick and full lashes? Umm yeh! Cherry stained lips? Gimme gimme! Baby pink opaque nails? Oh, you shouldn’t have!

Okay, so you get the picture. This look is way hot, and so easy to recreate.

*A little disclaimer if I may – this look is modelled on someone with fair skin and ultra light hair. Pair this look on someone with a darker complexion and it may not hold the same results. For those with fair skin and dark hair, make sure you also define and fill in those brows, so you don’t become washed-out, for lack of a better phrase. By doing this you will still look as dainty and fresh faced as the lovely lass above.

Here are the go-to products to perfect and make this look your own!


ysl lilac skies

Try the Yves Saint Laurent Ombres 5 lumieres Eyeshadow Palette in Lilac Skies ($99) which features five individual shadows, all within the purple/pink colour spectrum. Opt for the lilac shade in the upper right hand corner and completely fill in your entire eyelid. Take a blending makeup brush and make sure you smooth out any harsh edges; this will create a more seamless look.


To steal the above lashes, I suggest using Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash Mascara ($38) that’s jet black. This product really helps lengthen, thicken and keep each individual lash separate. Black mascara is definitely the key here, as the stark contrast allows the whites of the eyes to pop, and the lilac shadow to really show up best.


cherry crush lip stain by stila

Try Stila’s Cherry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain ($39). The Hue is a perfect match to that of the models above, and will help to create that glossy pout that is big on shine and creaminess. It’s also a refreshing change and allows the fashionable matte-finish that we have seen everywhere to take the back seat for a little while.


MAC-Nail-Lacquer in saint germain

Oh la la. These macaroon pink nails are so delish, if only they were edible! Nail biters beware; perhaps this is not the colour for you, especially if you can’t handle temptation! M.A.C’s Nail Lacquer in Saint Germain ($22) is always a crowd pleaser, this is the shade to rock if you want as many compliments as possible while you’re out for Friday night cocktails with the girls. For best results apply two to three coats for the most opaque finish possible.

Hope you enjoyed ladies!

Let me know if this is a makeup style you fancy trying out. 

SS x