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Sarah What Beauty Review: Rimmel London Apocalips Matte Lip Velvets

925672_725067650939520_268565702_nI recently received the new and much-raved-about Rimmel London Apocalips Matte Lip Velvets on my door step ($15.95).

Of course I quickly ripped open the packaging when they arrived so that I could have a play, swatch, sniff and trial.

It’s been a fortnight since they’ve been sitting on my makeup desk and I have to say I’ve really been enjoying them.

I’ve been getting so many complements on their amazing intense and very matte colour.

Firstly, the packaging is very modern and matte – a great reflection of the liquid lipstick concealed inside. I’m a sucker for packaging (which girl isn’t?) so this was a big plus for me. I really loved the geometric look of the wand in particular.

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11015633_403665666472495_1441911955_nMoving onto the actual liquid lipstick within, I found the colours on-trend, creamy and super matte in consistency. It didn’t take long for the formulation to dry on my lips and last for at least 4 hours (this includes eating and drinking) before I had to top up.

A lot of matte lipsticks tend to dry out smoochers, but I didn’t find that with the Apocalips Lip Velvets.


From top to bottom: 1. Orange-Ology, 2. Meteoric Matte, 3. Burning Lava

I was also very impressed that I could wear this liquid lipstick is so many ways.

It looks lovely as a lip stain (simply dot on a little bit of the colour onto your lips and blend it in so you get a delicate hue on your lips).

Or, if you aren’t loving the matte lip trend you can still enjoy this range of fashion-forward colours by smearing on a little bit of clear gloss on top of your Lip Velvet to add a high sheen.

I’ve worn these colours all three ways (the third way just on its own) and they have all looked fabulous.

There are four hues to choose from including Orange-Ology (the lippy I’m pictured wearing – very psychedelic 70’s) Meteoric Matte, Burning Lava and lastly Atomic Rose. Each retails for $15.95.

Have you tried this new liquid lipstick yet? Or, are they now featured at the top of your beauty shopping list? Let me know below!

SS x