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The 6 Makeup Trends To Disappear In 2016 According To Celebrity Makeup Artists


With 2016 officially here, these are the big makeup trends of 2015 that celebrity makeup artists predict to disappear.

Some of these trends have become permanent procedures in our daily getting-ready routine, but maybe after reading this piece we should consider whether we want to continue these practices?

I personally believe ‘baking makeup’ and ‘clown contouring’ should stop. Mainly because wearing such heavy stage-makeup on a daily basis isn’t good for our skin and is totally unnecessary for a casual dinner out with friends.

I do believe contouring will stick around though, but perhaps in a more subtle form.

Read below to see the 6 makeup trends to come to a halt in the next 12 months.

Consider yourself warned!

Heavy Foundation & Contouring


“People need to stop wearing such heavy makeup for the day. Makeup should highlight and enhance the features you already have, not completely cover them up.” Tonya Crooks, makeup artist to Megan Fox and Molly Sims.

Perfectly Arched ‘Cookie-Cutter’ Eyebrows

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“Brows are meant to be unique to each face. They add character and structure. I am all for removing the excess stragglers that do nothing for an arch, but I just think it’s important not to go overboard in a quest for the ‘perfect’ brow because it just ends up looking cookie-cutter.” —Suzy Gerstein, makeup artist to Camilla Belle and Julie Bowen.

Ombre Lips


“Let’s get rid of illusions in general and embrace makeup that enhances what we have.” —Robert Greene, makeup artist to Tinashe and Emily Blunt

90s Matte Brown Lipstick


“It’s incredibly ageing and does nothing to complement your skin or features.” —Kelly Hanna Thompson, Kryolan makeup artist

Baking Your Makeup


“‘Baking’ gives a really strong and striking effect that looks great under heavy stage lighting, and of course with a good Instagram filter. The problem with baking is that unless you have baby-soft, flawlessly smooth skin, it will accentuate any fine lines or dry skin and will look completely fake in person.” —Luis Casco, the lead on-camera makeup artist for Project Runway

Clown Contouring


“In the age of body-positive declarations, let’s bring back the love for natural and subtle enhancements of our facial features.” —Brandie Hopstein, makeup artist to Becky G. and Pia Mia.

What do you think guys? Do you believe these makeup trends will disappear? Share your views below. 

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