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The Balm: Instain Cheek Rouge & Body Builder Mascara For a Seriously Flirty Look!

Hi flirty felines!

What have I been up to of late? Battering thick and full lashes of course (dah?). This comes after being sent some seriously cute products from the makeup masters at The Balm.

Those already acquainted with The Balm will recognise their adorable packaging that’s distinctly vintage, and plays up on our inner pin-up girl. I’d love to think that it’s me sitting above, legs crossed, eyebrows raised and cheeks fully rouged to perfection!

The two products that have happily found themselves in my beauty trove are The Balm’s Instain in flattering Houndstooth, and a Body Building Mascara that knows how to get a job done. The packaging for this one is rather sexy too (see below).

Here are my thoughts on both products and why you should consider adding them to your next beauty haul.

The Balm Instain in Houndstooth

When you first snap open this magnet-closed cute compact (pictured left), you will take in the beautiful deep sunset-pink blush. The pigmentation that is offered by Instain is actually insane. You really only need one quick swirl of this hue with a large feathery makeup brush to achieve the most natural flush across your cheeks. Because this compact is so tidy and small, it fits perfectly in any sized makeup bag making it a go-to beauty essential. Love! ($22)

What’s Your Type? The Body Builder Mascara

Here’s what’s funny. If someone actually asked me what’s ‘my type’ in the men department, it probably wouldn’t be the Arnie look-alike on the packaging of this mascara. There really is only room for one diva in any relationship! Ha!

But, when it comes to finding my ‘type’ in beauty land it’s definitely a body builder. I love nothing more then thick, long, completely fanned-out lashes. Not spidery like Kim K’s, but plush enough to get noticed.

The Balm’s Body Builder Mascara is your must-have if you also agree with my type of lashes. The black inky formula contains vitamin E, panthenol and bamboo, all necessary when trying to strengthen and conditions your lashes while creating length and thickness. ($19)

When trying to create a flirty beauty look, it really is all about rosie-pink cheeks and large fluttery eyelashes. What tools do you use to achieve these results? And, have you used The Balm’s products before?

SS x