June 10, 2015 1 Comment Makeup

The Cheekiest Flush You Can Get From A Bottle! The Top 5 Lip & Cheek Stains


So you want just-bitten lips and a flirty flush across your cheeks just like Bossie (a.k.a Kate Bosworth)? Who doesn’t!

The best part about using a lip and cheek tint is that it looks completely natural. The seamless finish created by a tint (no powdery or cakey cheeks here!) is so popular because a tint doesn’t leave residue on the lips or cheeks, just a beautiful crimson tone.

604101990_170689700_fs_3Using a lip tint also eliminates the chance of fly-away hairs getting stuck on your lips, this stops that awkward moment where you have to quickly yank out a strand smeared in gloss mid-conversation.

So how do you wear a lip and cheek tint and which ones are the very best?

When applying a tint, dab on a small amount to the apples of your cheeks and blend quickly with fingertips. Apply more pigment if you’d like to deepen the hue. Always start with less and build up as you go.

For the lips, blend with a fingertip. For a deeper “pop” of colour, repeat.

I’ve listed my favourite lip and cheek tints below. All of them have been stashed in my makeup collection for eons and always get plenty of compliments.


SS x