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The Hottest Eyeshadow Colour Right Now As Worn By Selena Gomez & Khloe Kardashian: Shop 3 Of The Best Cranberry Eyeshadows


The hottest eyeshadow shade right now is by far cranberry.

This eye-catching shade is a mix between red, pink and terracotta tones. Because of the earthy red tones, this eyeshadow actually looks really flattering when swept across the eyelids.

Celebs who have been wearing this shade a lot are Khloe Kardashian (she likes to wear it even under her bottom lash line), Amber Heard, Kristen Stewart and of course Selena Gomez pictured above.


Also, if you follow a lot of makeup and beauty accounts on Instagram, you would have noticed that this eyeshadow is being featured everywhere.

I feel like this shade also really works well during the festive season as it allows you to wear a shade of red somewhere else other than your lips!

If you love this colour and want to start experimenting with it at home here are the three cranberry eyeshadows I’d recommend purchasing.

Clockwise: Stila Eyeshadow Compact in Twig, $26. MAC Eyeshadow in Cranberry, $33. Zoeva Rodeo Belle Palette (Top row, furthest to the right), $39.

Once you purchase your cranberry shade, it’s time to get playing.

Along with the three amazing eyeshadows above, here are three (good things come in three!) cranberry eyeshadow tutorials on Youtube that get my personal thumbs up!

I hope you guys found this post helpful! Here’s to rocking the most on-trend eyeshadow shade this season.

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