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Marc Jacobs Beauty Is No Longer Exclusive To Sephora – Read All The Deets On The Harrods Brompton Road Store Opening Now!


When it comes to big beauty news – here’s the top talk of the town this week.

Marc Jacobs Beauty is no longer exclusive to Sephora stores – which it has been since its launch, and always promised to be.

I pieced this news together when flicking through my Instagram feed yesterday. Marcbeauty posted a cute animated video of Harrods’ Brompton Road store front, with black Marc Jacobs Beauty curtains covering the windows.


I scratched my head, how can this be? Marc Jacobs has only ever be sold at Sephora, internationally and here in Australia. I quickly read the caption below the video and my suspicions were confirmed.

‘Harrods Brompton Road Windows will never be the same’ and the accompanying hashtag #MJBxHarrods concreted that Marc Jacobs Beauty is no longer in a monogamous relationship with Sephora.

At first I thought that Marc Jacobs products would only be available at the Brompton Road store, but after some digging I realised that the entire range can now be bought online at Harrods – and wait for it – sold internationally!


I did some further searching online and read on a forum that the range is also available to purchase from Neiman Marcus (also shipping to Australia), and Bergdorf Goodman (only ships within the US and Canada).

I guess the reason why there’s such a big spectacle about MJ Beauty being launched in Harrods is become there has been a large amount of effort placed into designing the kiosk area where the products are being displayed and sold (just look at all the amazing photos and super-sized beauty products). Although MJ Beauty is sold online elsewhere, it isn’t actually in any other stores apart from Sephora.

Also adding to the excitement, MJ Beauty is releasing an exclusive lipstick in Harrods – Le Marc Lip Creme in Charlotte – a very wearable, natural-looking pink.


So what does this really mean for us Aussie girls who love Marc Jacobs beauty products? Well, after doing a price comparison I worked out that to buy a Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme here from Sephora Australia it would cost $43 plus $15 for shipping (if you’re buying online) making it a total of $58.

To purchase it from Harrods it would cost $49 for the lipstick alone, and $51 in shipping, bringing the total up to $92.38!

For us Aussie girls it doesn’t make sense to shop Marc Jacobs Beauty from Harrods. However, if you live or are visiting the UK and want to check out an amazing store fit-out oozing girly-beauty-goodness, make a B-line for Harrods.

Tell me your thoughts on this news below! 

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