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New & Noteworthy — Must Have Products For Your Collection

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There’s always going to be room in our makeup bags for our golden oldies – the products that have stood the test of time and always look fabulous when applied to our faces, body or hair.

But being beauty obsessed, we’re always happy to welcome new finds into our lives. One red lipstick is never enough right? And what can be more enjoyable then trialling something we haven’t used previously to realise that it now takes top spot on our Holy Grail beauty product list?

Here are some makeup and skincare products that are fresh to shelves that I think everyone should try, I’ve had fantastic experiences with them. They are completely noteworthy, and many are lesser known but should be receiving accolades in the beauty sphere.


OFRA — Magic Roulette Concealer


For an uneven skin tone and visible blemishes there’s only one palette you need that will fix your face up in mere minutes. OFRA’s Magic Roulette Concealer Palette ($35) features 6 concealers that can be used on any skin colouring. The green concealer is fantastic for covering up any blemishes as it cancels out the sore inflamed redness, whereas the more apricot-y colours are great for disguising green to blue-ish under eye circles. I conceal after I prime my skin, then I follow on with a lightweight foundation once I’ve allowed a minute for my concealers to warm and melt into my skin. If you’re always chasing perfection, this palette is for you!

Paula’s Choice — Oil Blotting Papers


No one likes to look like they’ve been hovering over a deep fryer all day. Oily skin is never going to be in! To stop your face appearing greasy during the day, mop up the mess with clever blotting paper. I’ve been enjoying these ones by Paula’s Choice. They come in a user friendly clear slip and you get 100 sheets for $7. That’s pretty good!

VO5 — Smoothly Does It & Plump It Up


I’m so happy that I’ve revisited VO5 products – the last time I did I was but 10 years of age! I remember my mum used V05 hairspray to style my hair into what can only be described as a stiff looking helmet. I was then thrust on stage at the back of a dance troupe, looking pretty uncoordinated. Ahh… those were the days!

Fast forward 13 years and the brand is filled with many new products that work extremely well. I loved using the Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Creme ($6.99) that stopped fly-aways while protecting my strands from my crazy-hot styling tools. The smell is pleasant and it didn’t leave my hair weighed down. The Plump It Up Dry Shampoo ($7.99) is my favourite new product though because it smells fantastic – like a bag of lollies. It was also able to make my post-gym hair look like I had a fresh blow dry. I was super impressed. Good price too!

Kosmea — Facial Cleansing Wipes


Facial wipes are my BBF’s (Best Beauty Friends)! They are there for you when you have a cry (nothing cleans up running mascara quite like these gals) and they help you take your makeup off after a big night, like every best friend should! I enjoyed this pack by Kosmea ($9.95) because they are great for sensitive skin. They didn’t leave me with burning cheeks like other brands have in the past. Aloe Vera, Rose Hip Oil and Olive Oil make up the standout ingredients, they’re also biodegradable (a goodie if you’re a friend of the environment!).

Polished London Nail Polishes


Polished London was a new brand that I trialed this month. I have to say that these polishes now rank pretty high on my ‘Must Buy More’ list. The varnish ($7.95) drys very fast and it looks super glossy thanks to silicone in its unique formula, it also allows the polish to glide over the nail bed seamlessly. There are many pretty shades to pick from, all of which are available from pharmacies nationwide.

Appelles — Bath Caviar With Amber & Patchouli


These bath caviar pearls (pack of four for $24.95) are beyond delicious. I loved my regular soak in the tub over the last two weeks, mainly because this little tub created a lovely musky aroma, they made the water in the bath silk-like and they helped to moisturise my skin thanks to the release of B3 into the water. #hugefan

Dermalogica — Protection 50 Sport SPF50


Even though we all know how important it is to ‘Slip Slop Slap’ many of us still skip this step purely because we don’t want a white ghost face thanks to super thick creams that don’t sink in. Let me tell you, this does NOT happen with this Dermalogica sunscreen ($45), which by the way is SPF50 (mighty impressed with that number!), as the cream absorbs like a dream. It also has a lovely fragrance. Big ups for this one guys!

Orly — Matte Top Coat


Nail art lovers – you’re going to love this newie! Orly ($19.95) has released a new top coat, that once dried looks matte. The above GIF shows how my once super glossy nail (thanks to Polished London) is transformed to a matte finish. A lot of street style bloggers are now experimenting with this finish, so if you feel like jumping on the bandwagon and don’t want to shell out too much cash on different shades, get this one polish and it will transform your whole box of polishes!

OFRA — Liquid Lip Plumper


If you’re looking for a fix for small lips that doesn’t come from the end of a sharp needle, you should try this snazzy product from OFRA ($20). Once applied, your lips will tingle a little bit, but wait 20 seconds and they will look bee-stung and beautiful. Does this gloss hurt? Not at all! In fact I apply it sparingly every day. If you want large juicy lips with colour, first apply this gel, wait a minute, apply a matte lipstick in any shade then follow up with another slick of this gloss. Hello Angelina Jolie!

Have you tried any new products lately that you’ve fallen in love with? Share them with me below.

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